About this Course

Duration 2 Days

This course teaches how to analyze data with a single continuous response variable using analysis of variance and regression methods. You learn how to perform elementary exploratory data analysis (EDA) and discover natural patterns in data. Important statistical concepts such as confidence intervals are also introduced


Before attending the course, you should complete the JMP Software: A Case Study Approach to Data Exploration course or have equivalent experience.

This course addresses JMP software.

Who should attend

Analysts and researchers with some statistical knowledge

Delegates will learn how to

use JMP software to:

  • compare two means using a t-test
  • generate and interpret an analysis of variance to compare more than two means
  • analyze relationships between continuous variables using simple and multiple linear regression models
  • perform an analysis of covariance to incorporate continuous and categorical predictors
  • evaluate assumptions in statistical hypothesis testing.


Introduction to Statistics

  • reviewing populations and samples
  • exploring data with descriptive statistics and graphs
  • generating and understanding confidence intervals
  • understanding statistical hypothesis tests

Comparing Means

  • analyzing a one-sample t-test
  • analyzing paired data
  • comparing two independent groups using a t-test

Analysis of Variance

  • fitting one-way ANOVA models with two levels
  • fitting one-way ANOVA models with more than two levels
  • performing multiple comparisons
  • examining ANOVA assumptions
  • fitting N-way ANOVA models
  • analyzing power and sample size

Simple Linear Regression

  • using scatterplots and correlation statistics
  • performing simple linear regression
  • fitting polynomial regression models

Multiple Regression

  • performing multiple regression
  • performing multiple regression with interactions
  • performing stepwise regression

Regression Diagnostics

  • examining model assumptions
  • discovering multivariate outliers
  • investigating collinearity

2 Days


This is a QA approved partner course

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Delivery method


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