About this Course

Duration 3 Days

This course covers how to administer a SAS Grid Manager Environment including the users, applications, and resources in that environment. After this course, you will understand SAS Grid Manager concepts and terminology and have a firm grasp of the fundamentals of the SAS Grid Manager architecture.


Before attending this course, you should have attended either the SAS Platform Administration: System Administration course, the SAS Platform Administration: Fast Track course, or have equivalent experience.

This course addresses SAS Grid Computing software.

Who should attend

SAS administrators and system administrators who are responsible for managing and maintaining a SAS Grid Manager environment, as well as SAS power-users who administer the grid and use SAS software for grid computing

Delegates will learn how to

  • configure the Platform Suite for SAS
  • add queues, users, custom resources, and tune settings
  • monitor and manage a SAS Grid Manager environment
  • understand Platform RTM for SAS and how it is used
  • adjust SAS Grid Manager settings to meet the needs of your users
  • troubleshoot a SAS Grid Manager environment.


Introduction to SAS Grid Computing

  • grid overview
  • defining the grid and Grid Manager

Platform Suite for SAS Fundamentals

  • platform load sharing facility
  • LSF directory structure
  • platform enterprise grid orchestrator
  • platform process manager
  • platform grid management services
  • platform RTM for SAS

SAS Grid Manager Fundamentals

  • SAS Grid Manager software
  • SAS Grid Manager Client Utility
  • Grid Manager Plug-in for SAS Management Console
  • SAS Grid process flow for Foundation SAS programs
  • Grid process flow for SAS Enterprise Guide
  • Grid server metadata and integration with LSF
  • shared file system
  • SAS users and homogeneous grid

SAS Grid Manager Administration

  • the movie theater analogy
  • SAS Grid Manager administration fundamentals
  • LSF queues
  • LSF resources
  • LSF host and host groups
  • LSF batch parameters, users, and groups
  • LSF daemons
  • LSF daemon administration
  • SAS and LSF integration
  • SAS scheduling and workloads

SAS Grid Manager Administration: Advanced Topics

  • load-balancing workspace servers
  • grid options sets
  • high availability
  • external support programs
  • grid logging


  • general advice
  • understanding the process flow for LSF daemons
  • platform computing issues
  • SAS issues
  • other SAS Grid Manager resources

3 Days


This is a QA approved partner course

Delivery Method

Delivery method


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