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Code TPPMA41
Duration 3 Days

This course covers advanced topics using SAS Enterprise Miner including how to optimize the performance of predictive models beyond the basics. The course continues the development of predictive models that begins in the Applied Analytics Using SAS Enterprise Miner course, for example, by making use of the two-stage modeling node. In addition, some of the newest modeling nodes and latest variable selection methods are covered. Tips for working in an efficient way with SAS Enterprise Miner complete the course.


Before attending this course, it is recommended that you

  • have completed the Applied Analytics Using SAS Enterprise Miner course
  • have some experience with creating and managing SAS data sets, which you can gain from the SAS Programming 1: Essentials course
  • have some experience building statistical models using SAS/STAT software
  • have completed a statistics course that covers linear regression and logistic regression.

This course addresses SAS Enterprise Miner software.

Delegates will learn how to

SAS Enterprise Miner Prediction Fundamentals

  • SAS Enterprise Miner prediction setup
  • prediction basics
  • constructing a decision tree predictive model
  • running the regression node
  • training a neural network
  • comparing models with summary statistics

Advanced Methods for Unsupervised Dimension Reduction

  • describe principal components analysis
  • describe variable clustering

Advanced Methods for Interval Variable Selection

  • explain how to use partial least squares regression in SAS Enterprise Miner
  • use LAR/LASSO for variable selection

Advanced Methods for Nominal Variable Selection and Model Assessment

  • implementing categorical input recoding
  • creating empirical logit plots
  • implementing all subsets regression

Advanced Predictive Models

  • describe the basics of support vector machines
  • use the HP Forest node in SAS Enterprise Miner to fit a forest model
  • modeling rare events
  • use the Rule Induction node in SAS Enterprise Miner

Multiple Target Prediction

  • appraising model performance
  • defining a generalized profit matrix
  • creating generalized assessment plots
  • using the Two-Stage Model node
  • constructing component models

Tips and Tricks with SAS Enterprise Miner

  • using the Open Source Integration node
  • reusing metadata
  • importing and use of external models (self-study)

3 Days


This is a QA approved partner course

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Delivery method


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