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Perl is a general purpose programming language, optimised for scanning text files, extracting information from files and generating reports. Shape your knowledge of Perl and progress your programming skills.

At a glance

Perl is capable of scanning large amounts of data in a very quick manner, and of dealing with binary data. It is used by system administrators as a powerful scripting language, programmers and network designers for data manipulation, and web interaction and programming.

It is a dynamic and easy-to-use language, mainly by programmers to shell scripts. Perl also has advanced structures, object orientation, and other features which should keep experienced programmers satisfied. It is written in C, and has a well-developed C interface (XS) for low-level operations.

Perl is Open Source, free, and implemented on most operating systems. It comes bundled with UNIX, Linux, and OS X, and there are several version available for Microsoft's Windows operating systems.

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QA have been teaching Perl for over 20 years, providing guidance and expertise to developers and analysts who are looking to shape their development around the advancement of this popular programming language. We offer a comprehensive suite of courses that will advance your capabilities from beginner to expert.

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