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Duration 3 Days

This Oracle Endeca Information Discovery 3.1: Build Discovery Apps Ed 1 training introduces you to the concepts of Oracle Endeca Information Discovery data exploration and ingest. Gain valuable hands-on experience developing Oracle Endeca Information Discovery sample business application using Integrator and Studio. This course is appropriate for on-premises deployments only.Learn To:Ingest data into Endeca Server using Integrator.Join data using Integrator. Configure data using Integrator. Create a discovery application using Studio. Work with the Oracle Endeca Information Discovery sample business application. .Create search interfaces. Create and edit attribute groups to enhance Guided Navigation. Create precedence rules to enhance Guided Navigation. Create and use Views to configure data visualization components in Studio. Benefits to YouYou will learn about the core concepts specific to the Oracle Endeca Information Discovery product line. You will spend time getting introduced to Oracle Endeca Information Discovery becoming acquainted with Integrator. You will become familiar with the Oracle Endeca Information Discovery sample business application assets and work with its data to build out your own Oracle Endeca Information Discovery analysis application. Through the hands-on lessons in the class, you will learn the details of how to work with and load different data in the context of your sample application.Build Results PageYou will start with ingesting data using the Integrator. You will then build a basic results page, using search box, selected refinements, available refinements and data explorer components in Studio.Enhance Search and Guided NavigationYou are introduced to the concepts of data modeling and joining data and how it can enhance your guided navigation experience. The next portion of the class covers the process of adding a search interface through the Integrator, then verifying its function and behavior through the search box component in your sample application. You will continue to enhance your guided navigation through creating attribute groups. You will work with Integrator to create precedence rules, and then verify your results with your available refinements component in Studio. Advanced Topics In the next phase of the class you will cover advanced topics such as Oracle Endeca Information Discovery deployment features, data ingest and modeling, text enrichment, and security. Build VisualizationsIn the last phase of the class, you will be introduced to building visualizations with charts, summarization bars, results table and pivot table Studio components.Live Virtual Class FormatA Live Virtual Class (LVC) is exclusively for registered students; unregistered individuals may not view an LVC at any time. Registered students must view the class from the country listed in the registration form. Unauthorized recording, copying, or transmission of LVC content may not be made.

Delegates will learn how to

  • Manipulate data in an Integrator graph
  • Access Studio components, add them to a sample application and configure various settings in them
  • Configure Guided Navigation
  • Configure and enhance search through features such as search interfaces
  • Understand the aspects of data modeling using Oracle Endeca Information Discovery
  • Create enhanced visualizations by writing a variety of Endeca Query Language (EQL) statements in Studio
  • Create views in Studio to use to configure various data visualization components in Studio
  • Load data and configuration using Integrator


Oracle Endeca Information Discovery Core Concepts

  • Introduction to Oracle Endeca Information Discovery

Basic Data Design

  • Project Basics with Oracle Endeca Information Discovery
  • Working with Studio
  • Data Modeling and Joining Data

Search and Navigation Configuration Enhancements

  • Introduction to Search
  • Enhancing Navigation

Advanced Topics

  • Data Ingest and Modeling: Overview
  • Text Enrichment in Oracle Endeca Information Discovery
  • Oracle Endeca Information Discovery Deployment Features
  • Security

Configuring Enhanced Visualizations

  • Introduction to the Endeca Query Language
  • Creating and Using Views

Next Steps for Enablement

3 Days


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Delivery method

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