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Course Code TPD87454GC10
Duration 2 Days

This PeopleSoft Pivot Grid Rel 8.54 training reviews how to create PeopleSoft queries and introduces the functions of PeopleSoft Pivot Grid. You’ll review how to design query reports that use criteria and runtime prompts to filter data. Work with expert Oracle University instructors through a combination of interactive instruction and hands-on exercises.Learn To: Create query reports using Query Manager.Use PSQuery and component as data source for pivot grid models. View and manipulate grids and charts.Create pivot grid models using Pivot Grid Wizard.Create pivot grid models directly from Query Manager.Add pivot grid models as related contents.Add related contents and related actions to pivot grid models.Create pivot grid pagelets.Add pivot grid pagelets to homepages and dashboards.Use component real-time search and Pivot Grids in fluid mode.Perform Pivot Grid administrative tasks.Benefits to YouEnrolling in this course will help you review PeopleSoft Query and understand PeopleSoft Pivot Grid. In the Reviewing PeopleSoft Query lesson, you will review how to extract the precise information you need to create visual representations of the PeopleSoft database, without having to write SQL statements.Pivot Grid LessonsThe Pivot Grid lessons of this course describe PeopleSoft Pivot Grid and how to use PSQuery and components as data source to create pivot grid models. You'll learn how to view and manipulate grids and charts using Pivot Grid Viewer, create pivot grid models and add pivot grid models to PeopleSoft pages as related contents.


  • Basic knowledge of PeopleSoft navigation, PeopleSoft concepts, and PeopleSoft ArchitectureBasic knowledge of relational databases, effective-date, translated values, trees, key fields, and prompt tables.Basic knowledge of PeopleSoft Query

Delegates will learn how to

  • Reviewing PSQuery
  • Introducing to Pivot Grids
  • Creating Pivot Grid Models
  • Incorporating Pivot Grid Pagelets Into Your Applications
  • Using Pivot Grid Pagelet
  • Using Component Real-Time Search and Pivot Grids in Fluid Mode
  • Viewing Pivot Grid Models in Fluid Mode
  • Performing Pivot Grid Administrative Tasks


Reviewing PSQuery

  • Using Query Manager and Editing Query Properties
  • Creating a New Query
  • Adding Criteria to Queries
  • Using Multiple Criteria Statements
  • Describing and Creating Runtime Prompts
  • Creating Multiple Runtime Prompts
  • Describing Drilling URLs in PeopleSoft Query
  • Using PSQuery Data Source for Pivot Gird Models

Introducing Query-Based Pivot Grid

  • Describing PeopleSoft Pivot Grid
  • Describing Pivot Grid Security
  • Using Pivot Grid Viewer
  • Viewing and Manipulating Query-based Charts
  • Viewing and Manipulating Query-based Grids

Creating Pivot Grid Models

  • Describing Pivot Grid Wizard
  • Creating a Query-based Pivot Grid Model Using Pivot Grid Wizard
  • Attaching PeopleSoft Trees to Pivot Grid Models
  • Publishing Pivot Grid Models Directly from Query Manager
  • Using Query Driling URLs in the Pivot Grid Models

Incorporating Pivot Grid Pagelets Into Your Applications

  • Adding a Pivot Grid Model to a Page as Related Content
  • Adding Related Actions to a Pivot Grid Model

Using Pivot Grid Pagelet

  • Describing Pivot Grid Pagelets
  • Creating Pagelets with Pivot Grid Wizard
  • Creating Pivot Grid Pagelets with Pagelet Wizard
  • Adding a Pivot Grid Pagelet to a Homepage, Dashboard, or WorkCenter
  • Configuring Interwindow Communication for Pivot Grid Models

Using Component Real-Time Search and Pivot Grids in Fluid Mode

  • Describing Component Real Time Search Using Pivot Grid in the Fluid Mode
  • Creating a Component Pivot Grid Model Using the Pivot Grid Wizard

Viewing Pivot Grid Models in Fluid Mode

  • Describing Pivot Grid Models in Fluid Mode
  • Viewing the Pivot Grid Only Models
  • Viewing the Chart Only and Pivot Grid Chart Models
  • Using Row-level, Aggregate, and Bulk-Related Actions
  • Publishing Pivot Grid Fluid Views as Grouplets
  • Using the Component Real-time Search and Pivot Grid in Smartphones

Performing Pivot Grid Administrative Tasks

  • Deleting Pivot Grid Models and Non-default Views
  • Deleting User Personalization
  • Copying Pivot Grid Models
  • Generating Export and Import Scripts

2 Days


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