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Please note: In order to provision you with your courseware and lab access for this course QA must share several items of basic personal information with our partner (usually your full name and email address). For more information on this please visit our QA Partner data sharing page. If you have any questions or concerns please contact your QA account manager.

This PeopleSoft Lifecycle Management/Update Manager combo course will teach you to manage customizations, select updates using the PeopleSoft Image for your application, apply updates using Change Assistant and how to upgrade PeopleTools, as well as an upgrade from an application prior to 9.2. You’ll use the necessary tools to accomplish these tasks, including Application Designer upgrade features, Data Mover, Application Data Sets, and Change Assistant. Learn To: Manage customizations.Ensure data integrity. Migrate the customizations to other PeopleSoft databases.Compare and analyze definitions between databases.Merge pages and PeopleCode.Migrate data using Data Mover.Migrate data using Application Data Sets.Download and deploy PeopleSoft Image (PI). Configure the Windows Client running Change Assistant. Upload customer data and target database to PI.Use PeopleSoft Update Manager PIA application. Apply Change Packages. Download and apply a PeopleSoft Release Patchset.Upgrade PeopleTools and apply PeopleTools patch.Upgrade application.Create or modify a change package.Benefits to You Leverage the full set of PeopleSoft lifecycle support applications and utilities to help reduce the cost of ownership of your PeopleSoft applications by simplifying the processes of upgrading and maintaining your PeopleSoft databases. PeopleSoft Update Manager is the update methodology and mechanism you will use to apply updates to your PeopleSoft applications. This course steps you through the entire process to get you up and running quickly. PeopleSoft Image You'll also learn to download and deploy the PeopleSoft Image for your PeopleSoft product. PeopleSoft Update Manager You’ll learn how to perform all of the tasks necessary to set up and use this methodology.Change Assistant You'll also learn how to use Change Assistant for Update Manager, including defining and applying the generated custom change package. PeopleSoft Update Manager PIA Application You'll also learn how the Update Manager Dashboard is used to assist in determining your current level of maintenance, as well as how to search and select updates using PeopleSoft Update Manager PIA Application.Live Virtual Class FormatA Live Virtual Class (LVC) is exclusively for registered students; unregistered individuals may not view an LVC at any time. Registered students must view the class from the country listed in the registration form. Unauthorized recording, copying, or transmission of LVC content may not be made.


  • Experience with Application DesignerExperience with Application DesignerUnderstanding of the data structures of PeopleSoft ApplicationsFamiliar with PeopleSoft navigationFamiliar with PeopleSoft navigationUnderstanding of the data structures of PeopleSoft Applicati

Please note: In order to provision you with your courseware and lab access for this course QA must share several items of basic personal information with our partner (usually your full name and email address). For more information on this please visit our QA Partner data sharing page. If you have any questions or concerns please contact your QA account manager.

Delegates will learn how to

  • Compare and analyze definitions
  • Migrate data using Data Mover
  • Migrate data using Application Data Sets
  • Describe the different data management tools
  • Manage customizations
  • Migrate customizations between PeopleSoft databases using projects


Examining PeopleSoft Databases

  • Describing PeopleSoft System Components
  • Describing Structure Versus Content
  • Tracking Definition Changes
  • Defining Upgrade Terminology
  • Identifying a Database

Building and Altering Tables

  • Identifying PeopleTools Tables That Affect the System Catalog
  • Configuring Data Definition Language (DDL) Parameters
  • Using the Build Process
  • Altering Tables
  • Creating Views and Indexes

Identifying PeopleTools Tables

  • Examining PeopleTools Tables
  • Securing PeopleTools Tables
  • Running SYSAUDIT Reports

Using Projects to Migrate Customizations

  • Describing the Migration Process
  • Creating Upgrade Projects
  • Copying Projects to Databases
  • Validating and Reusing Projects
  • Adjusting Definitions
  • Merging Projects
  • Copying Projects To and From Files

Using the Compare and Report Process

  • Describing the Compare Process
  • Running Compare and Report
  • Setting Upgrade Options

Viewing and Analyzing Compare Reports

  • Viewing Compare Reports
  • Analyzing Compare Reports
  • Entering Overrides in Upgrade Projects
  • Comparing and Merging Text Definitions and Files
  • Running PeopleCode Diff/Merge
  • Comparing and Merging Pages

Moving Data with Data Mover

  • Listing Data Mover Commands and Syntax
  • Exporting Data
  • Importing Data
  • Using Additional Set Commands
  • Encrypting Passwords with Data Mover
  • Renaming Records and Fields
  • Running Data Mover in Command Line Mode

Using Application Data Sets

  • Describing Application Data Sets
  • Implementing Data Set Security
  • Reviewing Delivered Application Data Sets
  • Using Data Set Designer
  • Viewing Data Set Summary Reports

Migrating Data with Application Data Sets

  • Defining ADS Project
  • Managing Data Migration Project File Locations
  • Copying and Comparing Projects
  • Using Approval Framework with DMW

Downloading and Deploying PeopleSoft Image

  • Downloading PeopleSoft Image DPK
  • Deploying DPK Using VBox Shell
  • Deploying DPK on Windows
  • Deploying DPK on Windows

Configuring the Windows Client Running Change Assistant

  • Describing the Windows Client Setup
  • Deploying the PeopleTools Client DPK in Update Manager Mode
  • Configuring and Starting Environment Management Agent

Configuring Change Assistant for Updates

  • Defining Change Assistant Settings
  • Defining Databases
  • Selecting Update Manager Action
  • Uploading Target Database Information
  • Defining a New Change Package

Uploading Customer Data

  • Describing Customer Data
  • Creating a Customization Repository
  • Creating Test Projects
  • Uploading Customer Data

Using PeopleSoft Update Manager PIA Application

  • Describing PeopleSoft Update Manager PIA Application
  • Using Update Manager Dashboard
  • Managing Customization Repository
  • Managing Test Repository

Defining Change Packages

  • Defining Change Packages
  • Selecting Select a Method to Search for BUGs and Create a Change Package
  • Using the Selection Grid
  • Completing the Change Package Definition
  • Reviewing Change Packages
  • Defining Translation Delta Package

Applying Change Packages

  • Packaging Updates
  • Applying Change Package
  • About PeopleSoft Image
  • Using Change Assistant Interface
  • Describing Change Assistant Update Chapters
  • Moving to Production

Downloading and Applying a PeopleSoft Release Patchset

  • Discovering and Downloading the PRP
  • Applying the PRP to the PeopleSoft Image
  • Applying the PRP to the Target Database

Upgrading PeopleTools

  • Describing PeopleTools Changes
  • Installing New PeopleTools Release
  • Downloading Change Package for the New PeopleTools Release
  • Configuring Change Assistant for PeopleTools Upgrade
  • Reviewing PeopleTools Upgrade Job
  • Preparing for Your PeopleTools Upgrade
  • Applying PeopleTools Changes
  • Completing Database Changes

Applying PeopleTools Patches

  • Discovering and Downloading PeopleTools Patch
  • Applying PeopleTools Patch Using DPK
  • Configuring Change Assistant for Applying a PeopleTools Patch
  • Applying the PeopleTools Patch Change Package

Upgrading Your PeopleSoft Application

  • Describing PeopleSoft Upgrade Types
  • Gathering Upgrade Documentation and Required Files
  • Describing the Application Upgrade Process
  • Identifying Upgrade Planning Tasks
  • Defining and Creating Upgrade Packages
  • Reviewing the Upgrade Change Package
  • Creating an Upgrade Application Job

Creating or Modifying Change Packages

  • Describing Change Packager
  • Creating a Change Project
  • Creating File Reference Definitions
  • Creating a Change Package in Application Designer
  • Updating a Change Assistant Template
  • Finalizing a Change Package
  • Testing the Change Package

Applying Your Change Package

  • Describing Apply Update Action
  • Applying a Change Package

5 Days


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