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Course code TPD81884GC10
Duration 2 Days

This BI Publisher for PeopleSoft Rel 8.53 training is a template-based reporting solution that separates the data extraction process from the report layout and allows you to reuse extracted application data into multiple report layouts. It's designed for developers and power users who will be creating and maintaining custom reports.Learn To:Identify data sources.Create templates.Use common templates.Use rich text.Use XSL Mapper.Define BI Publisher reports.Run BI Publisher reports.Benefits to YouBecome more effective at managing the reporting tasks of your organization through optimal implementation of report generation, templates and scheduling. Reduce report maintenance by adjusting report templates without involvement of IT resources.Live Virtual Class FormatA Live Virtual Class (LVC) is exclusively for registered students; unregistered individuals may not view an LVC at any time. Registered students must view the class from the country listed in the registration form. Unauthorized recording, copying, or transmission of LVC content may not be made.


  • Experience with relational databasesExperience with report writing techniques

Delegates will learn how to

  • Create and register data source
  • Create templates
  • Define BI Publisher reports
  • Run and view BI Publisher reports
  • Describe BI Publisher
  • Set up BI Publisher for PeopleSoft applications
  • Use XSL Mapper
  • Use rich text in BI Publisher reports


Technology Overview

  • Describing BI Publisher
  • Describing BI Publisher Phases
  • Describing Optional Features

Setting Up BI Publisher

  • Setting Up Report Manager
  • Defining Report Categories
  • Downloading Design Plug-ins

Creating and Registering Data Sources

  • Describing Data Sources
  • Creating Query-based Data Sources
  • Creating XML File Data Sources
  • Registering XML File Data Sources

Creating Templates

  • Describing Template Types
  • Creating RFT Templates
  • Using Table Wizard
  • Using Pivot Table
  • Working with PDF Files

Defining BI Publisher Reports

  • Creating a Report Definition
  • Associating Templates
  • Defining Report Output
  • Setting Report Properties
  • Setting Report Viewing Security
  • Creating a Report Definition Based on PDF Template
  • Bursting Reports

Running and Viewing Query-Based Reports

  • Running Reports in Query Report Viewer
  • Scheduling PS Query Reports
  • Locating and Viewing XML Publisher Reports
  • Using Reporting Console

Implementing Sub-Templates and Template Translations

  • Creating Reusable Sub-Template Definitions
  • Using Content Library
  • Maintaining Template Translations

Using Rich Text in BI Publisher

  • Describing Rich Text Support
  • Using RTE in BI Publisher Reports
  • Creating a Template that Includes Rich Text Editor Data
  • Using Query or Connected Query as a Data Source
  • Using XML File as a Data Source

Using Common Templates in BI Publisher

  • Describing Common Templates
  • Creating a Report Definition Using Common Template
  • Using Oracle XSL Mapper

Using Additional RTF Techniques

  • Using Connected Query Data Source
  • Using Time Zones
  • Using Drilling URL Query

Additional Setup in BI Publisher

  • Defining Properties and Fonts
  • Setting Up BI Publisher Permissions

Running Reports Using PeopleCode

  • Running Reports Using PeopleCode
  • Running Reports from Application Engine
  • Creating Application Engine to Create File and Run Report

2 Days


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Delivery method

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