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Duration 5 Days

In this course you will learn how to personalize the rich and upgradable personalizations that Oracle E-Business Suite offers. This course covers in detail the concepts of flexfields (both key and descriptive), value sets, and validation options available to you. You will learn how to personalize flexfields to create data fields to capture information relevant to your business without programming. You will also learn about the different types of OA Framework and Form personalizations. You will understand the concepts of OA Framework personalization and use it to declaratively tailor the user interface (UI) look-and-feel (e.g. change the color scheme of the UI), layout (e.g. change the order in which table columns are displayed), and visibility of page content (e.g. hide a field on a Form) to suite a business need or a user preference. You will also understand the concepts of Form personalization and use it to declaratively alter the behavior of Form-based screens (e.g. hide a tab or a field) during runtime without programming for a user or a responsibility. This course is a hands-on lab-intensive course that will reinforce the fundamental concepts of personalizing Oracle E-Business Suite.Work with Key and Descriptive flexfieldsUse Value Sets and Validation OptionsPerform OA Framework PersonalizationsPerform Form PersonalizationsWork with Custom Programs and Help systemsWork with Data Loader applicationsThis course will be applicable for customers who have implemented Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 or Oracle E-Business Suite 12.1.A Live Virtual Class (LVC) is exclusively for registered students; unregistered individuals may not view an LVC at any time. Registered students must view the class from the country listed in the registration form. Unauthorized recording, copying, or transmission of LVC content may not be made.

Delegates will learn how to

  • Implement Descriptive Flexfields
  • Implement Key Flexfields
  • Define Value Sets
  • Use Advanced Validation Capabilities
  • Understand OA Framework Personalizations
  • Perform User-level OA Framework Personalizations
  • Perform Administrator-level OA Framework Personalizations
  • Personalize Configurable OA Framework Pages
  • Perform Form Personalizations
  • Understand Custom Programs and Help Systems
  • Work with Data Loader Applications


Overview of Flexfields

  • Introduction to Flexfields
  • Flexfield Structures and Flexfield Segments
  • Key and Descriptive Flexfields
  • Intelligent Key
  • Using Reference Fields
  • Standard Request Submission (SRS) and Flexfields
  • Implementing a Flexfield
  • Storing Flexfield Data Internally

Using Value Sets

  • Validating Input Using Value Sets
  • Planning a Value Set
  • Types of Value Sets
  • Value Set Attributes
  • Planning Format Validation
  • Defining Value Sets
  • Using Existing Value Sets
  • Value Hierarchies

Overview of Descriptive Flexfields

  • Planning a Descriptive Flexfield
  • Identifying a Descriptive Flexfield
  • Determining the Descriptive Flexfield Name
  • Determining Available Resources
  • Global Segments
  • Reference and Context Fields
  • Using Context Fields
  • Distinguishing Between Contexts

Defining Descriptive Flexfields

  • Specifying the Flexfield Attributes
  • Locating the Flexfield Definition
  • Defining Segment Attributes
  • Specifying Validation and Field Sizes
  • Freezing and Compiling the Definition
  • Defining Context Field Information
  • Defining Context-Sensitive Segments
  • Defining Values for a Value Set

Overview of Key Flexfields

  • Intelligent Keys
  • Implementing Key Flexfields
  • Key Flexfield Structures
  • Code Combinations
  • Key Flexfield Qualifiers
  • Allowing Dynamic Insertion
  • Cross-Validating Values
  • Using Shorthand Aliases

Defining Key Flexfields

  • Definition Procedure
  • Accessing the Key Flexfield Definition
  • Specifying Flexfield Behavior
  • Defining Flexfield Qualifiers
  • Security and Value Sets
  • Constructing Security Rules
  • Defining Cross-Validation Rules
  • Implementing Flexfield Security

Using Advanced Validation Capabilities

  • Defining a Table-Validated Value Set
  • Restricting Values Retrieved from a Table
  • Using Multiple Tables for Validation
  • Cascading Dependencies Using $FLEX$
  • Using Special Value Sets
  • Using Pair Value Sets

Overview of OA Framework Personalizations

  • Pages
  • Regions
  • Region Hierarchy
  • Items
  • User Personalizations
  • Administrator-seeded Personalizations
  • Personalizations vs. Extensions
  • Benefits of Personalizations and Extensions

OA Framework Personalization Concepts

  • System Personalization Capabilities
  • Menus and Responsibilities/Roles
  • Functional Administrator Menus Page
  • Functional Administrator Messages Page
  • Functional Administrator Lookup Types Page
  • Custom Colors and Fonts
  • Branding
  • Personalization Levels and Layers

User-level OA Framework Personalizations

  • User-level Personalization Features
  • Views
  • Sort and Filter
  • Column Renaming
  • Multiple Views
  • Default Personalizations for Users
  • Seeding User-level Personalizations
  • Admin-Seeded User Views

Administrator-level OA Framework Personalizations

  • Personalization Levels
  • Profile Options for Personalization
  • Navigate to Page and Start Personalizing
  • Find Object to Personalize
  • Create Your Personalization
  • Connecting a New Item to a Data Source
  • Managing Administrator Personalizations
  • Troubleshooting Administrator Personalizations

Personalizing Configurable OA Framework Pages

  • Concept: Configurable Pages
  • Personalizing a Configurable Page
  • Layout Page
  • Horizontal or Vertical Layout
  • Contents Page
  • Add Content
  • Reorder Content
  • Personalizing Object Properties

Advanced OA Framework Personalization Features

  • Add a Descriptive Flexfield to a Page
  • Enabling Existing Descriptive Flexfields
  • Adding a Descriptive Flexfield to the UI
  • Adding a New Region
  • Adding a New Region with New Content
  • URL Include

OA Framework Customizable Look and Feel

  • LAF/Skin/Theme
  • LAF Architecture
  • Style Sheets
  • Styles
  • Icons
  • Layout Renderers
  • Creating New LAF
  • Apply the New LAF

Overview of Form Personalizations

  • Form Personalization Features
  • Profile Option to Access Diagnostics Menu
  • Invoking the Form Personalization Screen
  • Trigger Event
  • Actions
  • Building Rules that Fire Conditionally
  • Debugging
  • Zooming

Overview of Using Custom Programs

  • Using Custom Programs in Oracle Applications
  • Assumptions for Incorporating a New Program
  • Adding a Custom Program to Oracle Applications
  • Identifying the Executable
  • Creating the Concurrent Program
  • Associating a Program with a Request Group
  • Submitting the Concurrent Program

Overview of Using Custom Help Files

  • Customizing Help
  • Oracle Applications Help System Utility
  • Identify Help Files for Customization
  • Linking Help Files
  • Uploading Your New or Changed Help Files
  • Creating Reports
  • Help Builder
  • Opening a Tree for Editing

Data Loaders

  • Common Loaders
  • FNDLOAD Configuration Files
  • Workflow Definitions Loader
  • Workflow XML Loader
  • XDOLoader
  • XLIFFLoader
  • XMLImporter/XMLExporter

Managing Profile Options

  • Personal Profile Values
  • Profile Hierarchy Types
  • System Profile Options
  • Profile Categories
  • Auditing Related Profile Options
  • Currency-Related Options
  • Flexfield-Related Options
  • Security Signon Profile Options

5 Days


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