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Duration 2 Days
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In this lecture-based and lab-based course, you learn how to install and configure OnCommand Insight. This course builds on the contents of the “OnCommand Insight: Fundamentals” course. This course demonstrates how to successfully deploy the components of OnCommand Insight. To learn how to use OnCommand Insight for daily operations, attend the “OnCommand Insight: Intelligent Operations” course. To learn how to use the reporting capabilities of the OnCommand Insight data warehouse, attend the “OnCommand Insight: Business Insights” course.


Complete the “OnCommand Insight: Fundamentals” course and to have a broad knowledge of IT data center environments is recommended.

Delegates will learn how to

This course focuses on enabling you to do the following:

  • Describe the functions and requirements of each of the components of an OnCommand Insight deployment
  • Install each of the components of OnCommand Insight
    • OnCommand Insight Server
    • OnCommand Insight Data Warehouse
    • OnCommand Insight Remote Acquisition Unit
    • OnCommand Insight Anomaly Detection Engine
    • OnCommand Insight Ethernet Monitoring Unit
  • Configure data sources for data collection
  • Configure automatic device resolution
  • Perform post-installation configuration tasks for the OnCommand Insight and OnCommand Insight data warehouse systems


Module 1 Overview of OnCommand Insight

  • Position Insight within the OnCommand portfolio
  • List the four Insight licensed modules
  • Describe the Insight architecture
  • Describe the purpose of the Insight data warehouse
  • List the resources required to install Insight

Module 2 OnCommand Insight Installation

  • Install the Insight server on windows
  • Install the Insight data warehouse on Windows
  • Install Insight on Linux
  • Install the anomaly detection engine
  • Install the Ethernet monitoring unit
  • Install the remote acquisition unit

Module 3 OnCommand Insight Data Collection

  • Describe data sources on acquisition units
  • Use the data source support matrix
  • Configure a data source for NetApp ONTAP software
  • Configure a data source for Cisco IOS
  • Configure a data source for VMware vSphere
  • Display the attributes of monitored assets
  • Install data source patches

Module 4 Maintaining the OnCommand Insight Server

  • Describe the Insight server resiliency features
  • Configure Insight users
  • Configure Insight to send notifications

Module 5 OnCommand Insight Device Resolution

  • Describe how device resolution works
  • Use the Insight web UI to configure device resolution
  • Use the Insight Java client to configure device resolution

Module 6 Maintaining the OnCommand Insight Data Warehouse Server

  • Describe how data warehousing data marts are populated
  • Configure data warehouse Insight connectors
  • Monitor data warehouse extract, transform, load (ETL) jobs
  • Describe the Insight data warehouse server resiliency features
  • Configure Insight data warehouse user accounts
  • Navigate through the reporting portal interface
  • Schedule and deliver data warehouse reports
  • Import reports into Report Studio

2 Days


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