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Course code QAFLOW
Duration 1 Day
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Please note: for Attend from Anywhere customers an additional screen is required. The additional screen must have a minimum screen size of 19 inch and minimum resolution of 1280x1024, with the vertical resolution (1024) being the most critical.

This hands on practical course explains Microsoft Flow in a sequential way so that you can build your knowledge from the ground up. The course is designed to provide guidance in understandable chunks with lots of visuals, examples and hands on experience following a logical progression to help you learn principles and details.

In this course, you'll learn about Microsoft Flow and its concepts, see how to build flows, manage them, and administer them in your environment. You'll be presented with information and scenarios for a fictional company called Contoso Flooring, but you'll see how to use the same scenarios in your business or your clients' businesses.

If you're a beginner with Microsoft Flow, this course will get you going. If you already have some experience, this course will tie concepts together and fill in the gaps.


Students should have a familiarity and some experience of Office 365 products such as Sharepoint and OneDrive


Lesson 1

  • What is Microsoft Flow
  • What are Microsoft Flow Services (Connectors)
  • Business Scenarios for Microsoft Flow
  • Creating a Flow
    • Flow Hompage
    • Additional Materials
    • Flow Templates
  • Lab Creating your first Flow

Lesson 2

  • Microsoft Flow Mobile App
  • Microsoft Flow Mobile App Ongoing Activity
  • Microsoft Flow Notifications
  • Lab Creating a Microsoft Mobile Flow

Lesson 3

  • Building Microsoft Flows with Button Flows.
  • Lab Create a Microsoft Flow Button Flow

Lesson 4

  • Run your flows by pressing a Flic smart button
  • Lab (Optional) Create a flow that's triggered by a Flic

Lesson 5

  • Creating flows that send notifications
  • Creating flows that copy files
  • Lab Connect Microsoft Flow Services

Lesson 6

  • Create Scheduled Flows
  • Lab Create a Scheduled Flow

Lesson 7

  • Create a Flow to Convert and Store Documents
  • Lab Create a Flow that Converts and stores documents

Lesson 8

  • Create an Approval Request Using Microsoft Flow
  • Lab Create an approval request flow

Lesson 9

  • Create scheduled flows
  • Lab Process an Approval Request

Lesson 10

  • Use environments to manage flows
  • What are roles
  • Using Data Loss Prevention Policies
  • Lab Create a DLP policy

Lesson 11

  • Data sharing violations
  • Finding a DLP Policy
  • Lab Edit a DLP policy

Lesson 12

  • Connectors
  • Components of a connector
  • Triggers and actions
  • Using Connectors
  • Custom Connectors

1 Day

Microsoft Office 365
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