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Mastering Office 365 Exchange Online Administration

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Please note: for Attend from Anywhere customers an additional screen is required. The additional screen must have a minimum screen size of 19 inch and minimum resolution of 1280x1024, with the vertical resolution (1024) being the most critical.

This three-day instructor-led course will provide delegates with the knowledge and skills to configure and manage Exchange Online, a key component of Office 365. In this course, delegates learn how to configure all aspects of an Exchange Online deployment, and also provides an overview of hybrid deployments for Exchange Online.

Target Audience

The primary audience is IT professionals with experience of Office 365, who want to learn how to configure Exchange Online as their organization's messaging service.

Please note this course is not suitable for delegates wishing to learn how to deploy a Hybrid Exchange Environment (On-Premise and Exchange Online integrated). Delegates wanting to have hands on exposure to planning and deploying a Exchange Hybrid Environment should attend the QA Deploying a Exchange Hybrid Environment course: QADEXHE (www.qa.com/QADEXHE).

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Detailed Information

Module 1 – Introducing Office 365

  • Office 365 Service Overview
  • Office 365 Subscription Plans
  • Comparing Office 365 Enterprise Plans
  • Exchange Online Service Overview
  • Exchange Online Standalone Plans
  • Lab - Signing Up for an Office 365 Plan

Module 2 – Introducing the Office 365 Management Interfaces

  • Signing in to Office 365
  • Exploring the Office 365 Admin Center3
  • Modifying the Office 365 Admin Center
  • Lab 2-1 – (Optional) Sign in to Office 365 and Explore the Office 365 Admin Center
  • Introducing the Exchange Admin Center
  • Windows Azure Active Directory Module for Windows PowerShell
  • Lab 2-2 – Using Office 365 & Exchange Powershell

Module 3 – Administering Exchange Online Recipients

  • Introducing Recipient Types
  • Creating and Configuring Mailboxes
  • Lab 3.1 Creating and Configuring Mailboxes
  • Creating and Configuring Groups
  • Lab 3.2 Creating and Configuring Distribution Groups
  • Lab 3.3 Creating and Using Security Groups
  • Lab 3.4 Creating and using Dynamic Distribution Groups
  • Creating and Configuring Resources
  • Set additional scheduling permissions for a room mailbox
  • Lab 3.5 Creating and Using Resource Mailboxes
  • Creating and Configuring Contacts
  • Creating and Configuring Shared Mailboxes
  • Lab 3.6 Creating and Using a Shared Mailbox
  • Creating and Configuring Address Lists and Address Book Policies

Module 4 - Office 365 Groups

  • Office 365 Groups
  • Office 365 Group Building Blocks
  • Creating an Office 365 Groups
  • Guest Access in Office 365 Groups
  • Controlling Guest Access in Office 365 Groups
  • Controlling Guest Access using Powershell
  • Controlling 365 Group guest access by domain
  • Manage Who Can Create Office 365 Groups
  • Lab 4.1 Managing Office 365 Groups

Module 5 - Security in Exchange Online

  • Introducing Security in Exchange Online
  • Role Based Access Control (RBAC)
  • RBAC Role Groups
  • Creating Role Groups
  • Management Role Scopes
  • Creating Custom Scopes
  • Lab 5.1 Exchange Online RBAC
  • User Roles
  • Lab 5.2 Exchange user management role assignment policies
  • Outlook Web App Policies
  • Lab 5.3 Outlook Web App Policies

Module 6 – Administering Exchange Online Organization Sharing and Organization Add-Ins

  • Overview of Sharing in Exchange Online
  • Organization Sharing in Exchange Online
  • Individual Sharing in Exchange Online
  • Configuring the Default Sharing Policy
  • Creating Sharing Policies
  • Applying Sharing Policies
  • Sharing and Publishing Calendars in Outlook 2016 and OWA
  • Organization Add-ins in Exchange Online
  • Lab 6-1 – Managing Organization Apps

Module 7 – Administering Exchange Online Protection

  • Overview of Exchange Online Protection
  • Malware Filtering
  • Connection Filters
  • Spam Filtering
  • Outbound Spam
  • Message Quarantining
  • Action Center
  • Enhanced Email Protection with DKIM and DMARC
  • Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)
  • Lab 7.1 Exchange ATP

Module 8 – Administering Exchange Online Mail Flow

  • Overview of Mail Flow
  • Rules
  • Message Tracing
  • Accepted Domains
  • Remote Domains
  • Connectors
  • Lab 8.1 – Transport Rules and Message Trace

Module 9 – Administering Exchange Online Mobile Devices

  • Mobile Device Access
  • Exchange ActiveSync
  • Understanding Mobile Device Management (MDM) for Office 365 and Intune to Manage Mobile Devices

Module 10 – Administering Exchange Online Public Folders

  • Alternatives to Public Folders
  • Public Folders
  • Public Folder Mailboxes
  • Managing Public Folder Mailboxes
  • Managing Public Folders
  • Legacy On-Premises Public Folders and Exchange Online

Module 11 – Administering Office 365 Rights Management Services (RMS)

  • What is Rights Management?
  • Information Rights Management in Exchange Online
  • Configuring IRM in Exchange Online
  • Configuring IRM to use Azure Rights Management
  • Configuring IRM for Exchange Online
  • Configuring IRM to use an On-Premises AD RMS Server
  • Applying IRM Protection in Exchange Online
  • Lab 11.1 Exchange Information Rights Management

Module 12 – Troubleshooting Exchange Online in Office 365

  • Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant for Office 365
  • Outlook Diagnostic
  • OWA Diagnostic
  • Spam and Malware Troubleshooter
  • Remote Connectivity Analyzer
  • Hybrid Environment Free/Busy Troubleshooter
  • Office Configuration Analyzer Tool (OffCAT)
  • Mail Flow Troubleshooter
  • Reports
  • Lab 12.1 – Troubleshooting

Module 13 - Exchange Online Compliance

  • Administering Exchange Online Compliance Features
  • Office 365 Security & Compliance Center
  • In-Place eDiscovery & Hold
  • Office 365 eDiscovery Tasks
  • Office 365 eDiscovery Cases
  • Lab 13.1 eDiscovery
  • Auditing
  • Security and Compliance Center Auditing
  • Lab 13.2 Exchange Online Auditing
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Office 365 DLP
  • DLP Policy Templates
  • DLP Conditions
  • Determining Types of Sensitive Information
  • DLP Policy User Notifications
  • Email Notification Text
  • Policy Tips
  • Policy Tip Text
  • Allowing Policy Override
  • DLP Reporting
  • Lab 13.3 Exchange Online DLP
  • Archive Mailboxes
  • Lab 13.4 Exchange Online Archiving
  • Retention Policies and Retention Tags
  • Lab 13.5 Exchange Online Retention Policies
  • Journal Rules

Module 14 - ​Mailbox Plans and Client access rules

  • Mailbox Plans
  • Editing Mailbox Plans
  • CASMailbox Plans
  • Editing CASMailbox Plans
  • Lab 14.1 Editing Mailbox and CASMailbox Plans
  • Client Access Rules
  • Creating Client Access Rules
  • Timing for rule changes
  • Lab 14.2 Creating Client Access Rules

  • Basic understanding of 'cloud' concepts
  • Experience with Office 365 core components such as user IDs
  • Familiarity with Exchange and Outlook use
  • Experience with PowerShell
  • Experience with traditional collaboration methods such as email and file sharing

At the end of this course you will have a deep understanding of the capabilities and administration of Exchange Online. You will be able to manage recipients, message security & compliance, message hygiene, mobile device access, mail flow, public folders and rights management.

Please note: for Attend from Anywhere customers an additional screen is required. The additional screen must have a minimum screen size of 19 inch and minimum resolution of 1280x1024, with the vertical resolution (1024) being the most critical.

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