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Azure Impact Academy

QA has launched an online, immersive, coach-led learning programme in Microsoft Azure, delivered through a series of cutting-edge digital technical challenges.

QA Impact Academies Raising The Bar In Online Learning Effectiveness

QA has built a premium, fully online platform where Learners will be part of a small Azure technical team tackling a 'real life' technical challenge, led and supported by a dedicated expert Azure coach. The programme is Learner-led, Interactive, Problem Based and Experiential giving hands on skills for the ultimate digital learning experience.

The Impact Academy provides a virtual immersive environment which combines technical coach support and a community of peers, who stay connected and collaborate on team and individual challenges throughout the 3-month programme.

Participants are grouped into cohorts of 25 and benefit from dedicated coach, offering a mix of team support, skills workshops and individual feedback on challenge submissions.

Impact Academy


All pathways offer 12 weeks of dedicated coach support, enabling the participants to acquire new knowledge, solver real life challenges, practice technical skills and prepare for the exam.


Target Audience

The Azure Impact Academy is aimed at organisations with large scale Azure teams. This is ideal for those looking at Azure infrastructure, integration and security.

What are the benefits?


Enrolling in this course will give learners:

  • Support to develop a set of skills in a safe environment by immersing them in Microsoft Azure
  • The ability to make and learn from mistakes in a safe environment without an impact on real-life roles
  • Access to subject matter experts for bespoke and responsive expert support
  • The opportunity to apply their learning and implement technical challenge experience back in the workplace
  • Microsoft Certified status upon successful completion of exams


Deep Impact - Microsoft Azure Impact Academy

Deep Impact - Microsoft Azure Impact Academy

QA’s Head of Cloud Solutions, Mark Crump, introduces the Azure Impact Academy. Read the full article



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