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Course code TPNMA_MWGBA
Duration 4 Days

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McAfee Web Gateway System Administration (formerly known as Webwasher) provides an in‐depth introduction to the tasks crucial to setting up and administering Web Gateway effectively.


It is recommended that the students should have a working knowledge of Windows administration, System Administration concepts, a basic understanding of computer security concepts and networking concepts, a understanding of basic UNIX commands, working knowledge of Internet services including: DNS, Sendmail, FTP and WWW services, Internet protocols (TCP, UDP, etc.) and their usage routing and connectivity flow (LAN, WAN, Internet).

Delegates will learn how to

On successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • List available install and hardware options for MWG 7.0
  • Contrast the new policy features of the MWG 7.0 with previous versions
  • Breakdown the elements of a Web Gateway policy rule
  • Create new web policy rules that perform web filtering on the following criteria:
  • Media type
  • Trusted source
  • Antimalware
  • Presence of Authentication
  • URL Categories
  • IP address
  • Generate a rule that implements a custom block page
  • Create a new administrator and role for User
  • Interface access Integrate a McAfee Web Gateway into a network
  • Describe the three configuration modes and best when to use them
  • Generate a web policy that logs to a separate file
  • Perform configuration backups and restores
  • Demonstrate how SSL decryption can be used to Secure HTTPS traffic
  • Troubleshoot common McAfee Web Gateway problems
  • Use MWG in conjunction with Web Reporter to generate useable reports on Web traffic


  • Module 1: Web Gateway Overview
  • Module 2: Web Protocols
  • Module 3: Web Page Content
  • Module 4: Proxy vs. Gateway
  • Module 5: Authentication Protocols
  • Module 6: Deployment and Migration
  • Module 7: Web Gateway Operating System
  • Module 8: Web Gateway Installation
  • Module 9: Network Configuration
  • Module 10: Licensing and Updates
  • Module 11: Logging
  • Module 12: Transactions and Cycles
  • Module 13: Rules and Rule Sets
  • Module 14: Rule Design
  • Module 15: Trusted Source and URL Categories
  • Module 16: Media Types
  • Module 17: AntiMalware
  • Module 18: Policy Scenario #1
  • Module 19: Additional Actions
  • Module 20: Authentication
  • Module 21: Policy Scenario #2
  • Module 22: Coaching and Quotas
  • Module 23: SSL Connections
  • Module 24: Policy Scenario #3
  • Module 25: Web Caching, Next Hop Servers and Progress Page
  • Module 26: Block Pages
  • Module 27: Administrators and Roles
  • Module 28: Central Management
  • Module 29: Notifications
  • Module 30: Troubleshooting
  • Module 31: Command Line and SSH
  • Module 32: Dashboard
  • Module 33: ePO
  • Module 34: Web Reporter

All topics are supported by hands-on exercises specifically designed to increase knowledge retention.

4 Days


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