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Course code TPM4
Duration 4 Days
Special Notices

Delegates are required to bring their own laptops before attending the course.

The 4 Day course combines the McAfee 3 Day ePO 5.0 course with the half day McAfee Device Control and half day Day McAfee Encryption courses


ePO Component

  • Introduction to anti-virus defence procedures and the core competencies of the McAfee suite of products
  • Installation of the software, basic configuration and management of clients
  • Automating the full software installation including applications, signatures, product upgrades and patches using repositories andthe Software Manager
  • Product policy configuration including the McAfee Agent and VirusScan and the assignmentof policies by group, system and tag
  • An introduction to the system tree and automatingActive Directory and NT domain synchronisation
  • Configuration of the Client Tast Catalog to deploy and update software and an introduction to the various agent deployment techniques
  • An introduction to Agent Handlers and the management of systems not connected to your network
  • An introduction to custom notifications and alerts and configuration of automated tasks and responses
  • Advanced features and techniques including system compliance, creating and automating queries and general ePO maintenance

Device Control Component

  • Introduce Device Control and discuss its use
  • Highlight the product prerequisites
  • Describe its concepts and roles
  • Configure and integrate Device Control into McAfee ePO Central
  • Configure device monitoring and management
  • Configure device classification and management
  • Introduce analysis of discovered devices and classified data
  • Configure device management and data leakage rules
  • Discuss and implement deployment techniques

Encrypton Component

  • Introduce Disk Encryption and discuss its uses
  • Highlight the product prerequisites
  • Describe its concepts and roles
  • Configure and integrate Endpoint Encryption into McAfee ePO Central
  • Management Console
  • Configure Product and User based policies
  • Discuss and implement user association with systems
  • Introduce the new pre-boot authentication user experience
  • Discuss and implement user association with systems
  • Discuss and implement deployment techniques
  • Illustrate the reporting capabilities
  • Introduce system and user based recovery techniques and full disaster recovery

4 Days


This is a QA approved partner course

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Delivery method


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