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Code TPZL1_6G02
Duration 2 Days

This course is designed to teach business professionals the skills they need to utilize the functions and core features of Commerce Composer V7 for Feature Pack 7.

The skills that are developed in this course enable WebSphere Commerce business users to determine which Commerce Composer functions and processes they should use in order to accomplish the task of composing store pages. The course begins with an overview of the business functions that are supported in Commerce Composer V7. It introduces the students to the terminologies, benefits and features that are offered by the Commerce Composer tool. Subsequent units cover how to use the tool to perform key tasks, such as creating page URLs, operations on pages, creating layouts for pages, assigning layouts to content and catalog pages, adding widgets to layout slots, populating slots with information, working with widget properties, and preview store pages in different resolutions.

Numerous sample e-commerce business scenarios and hands-on exercises that are provided throughout the course reinforce the concepts that are covered in the lectures and enable students to practice their newly acquired skills. The exercises that are stacked with procedures provide students with examples of how to extend the functions and features of Commerce Composer tool to accomplish the task of building pages. Sample demonstration that is provided facilitates students to understand the interaction between the tool and the users. The illustration focuses on topics relevant to the business scenarios that can be addressed by the Commerce Composer tool.


  • Completed existing courses (6S221, 6T231) andprevious generation courses (6S220, 6S228).
  • Extensive experience with Websphere Commerce Management Center.

Delegates will learn how to

  • List the functions and uses of Commerce Composer.
  • Describe pages, widgets, and layouts.
  • Compose responsive pages using Commerce Composer.
  • Assign layout and widgets to pages.
  • Preview a store page.
  • Test layouts on different devices.
  • Modify layout or widget properties from store preview.
  • Edit the text using the CKEditor.


  • Course introduction
  • Unit 1. Commerce Composer Overview
  • Lesson 1.1 Commerce Composer Overview
  • Unit 2. Commerce Composer Tool
  • Lesson 2.1 Pages
  • Lesson 2.2 Widgets
  • Lesson 2.3 Layouts
  • Demonstration 1. Creating a content page and preview in different resolutions
  • Exercise 2.3.1. : Design a layout for Category page
  • Exercise 2.3.2: Create a custom landing page
  • Unit 3. Additional Commerce Composer features
  • Lesson 3.1 Effective Testing
  • Lesson 3.2 Responsive Web Design
  • Lesson 3.3 Search Engine Optimization
  • Lesson 3.4 Text Editor
  • Exercise 3.2.1 Preview the responsive layout in different devices
  • Exercise 3.4.1 Edit the text from Store Preview
  • Course Wrap up

2 Days

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