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Duration 3 Days

This zSecure class is designed, written and presented by RACF & zSecure specialists. This is a hands-on course, in which attendees will learn to perform the frequently used administrative functions, standard reports, and verification functions of IBM Security zSecure Admin.<br><br>This course is also available 'on demand' (minimum 2 students) for public presentations or for one-company, presentations, presented on-site or over the Internet via the Virtual Classroom Environment service.


Attendees should have thorough working knowledge of RACF or have attended the RSM course RACF Administration & Auditing.

Delegates will learn how to

  • display RACF users and user information from the ISPF zSecure Admin panels
  • manage RACF groups interactively and create printed reports
  • administer RACF data set and general resource profiles and examine access lists
  • create textual reports on RACF users, groups, data sets, and general resources
  • review and maintain RACF and Class Descriptor Table (CDT) options
  • define and maintain input files to control your IBM Security zSecure Admin session
  • use the reports provided with IBM Security zSecure Admin
  • analyze RACF profiles containing segments
  • review the installations RACF control tables and analyze the group structure in the installation
  • create reports on the RACF database and resolve inconsistencies
  • customize installation data, compare users, queue commands, and run commands using CKGRACF.


Running IBM Security zSecure Admin

Explains the basics of zSecure Admin, and shows how to select the appropriate input files.

Selecting & Displaying Existing RACF Profiles

Explains how to find and view RACF profiles using zSecure Admin.

Profile Maintenance

Learn how to use zSecure Admin to modify profiles.

Advanced Options

Reporting on Global RACF settings and how to define new zSecure Admin input sets.

RACF Administration Reports

Explains the general RACF reporting functions included in zSecure Admin.

Specific Userid & Group Reports

Explains how to use zSecure Admin to generate reports on user and group profiles stored in the RACF database.

Reporting Resource Profiles

The Resource related reports included in zSecure Admin are introduced and demonstrated.

RACF Management Reports

Explains the zSecure Admin verification options and CKGRACF features.

Customised Reports

Explains how to customise reports, installation data, and how you can define and maintain RACF Custom Fields.

Question & Answer Session

3 Days

Delivery Method

Delivery method


Face-to-face learning in the comfort of our quality nationwide centres, with free refreshments and Wi-Fi.

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