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Duration 2 Days

This course introduces and explains the administration and operation of IBM's Hardware Management Console (HMC). The course teaches configuration, administration, navigation, operation, and recovery techniques for the HMC in a System z environment.<br>Through lectures and hands-on exercises, attendees are taught how to setup and operate the HMC, and will gain problem determination skills, practice HMC operations including IPLs, and understand the recovery capabilities of the System z servers.<br><br>This course is available 'on demand' (minimum 2 students) for public presentations or for one-company, on-site presentations.


A sound understanding of the z/OS operations environment, including I/O concepts and terminology, LPAR technology, how a system is IPL'd and configured and how to operate a z/OS system.

Delegates will learn how to

  • describe how the z Server is laid out as regards hardware
  • identify the difference between the LPARS and the CPCs and the operational usage of the various types of channels, logical and physical on current servers
  • identify and use the functions of the HMC Console to operate your System z mainframe environment in Classic style and Tree style
  • describe the functions provided by the HMC and SE, and understand their differences
  • use the various methods to open groups, objects, display status, and perform tasks on these objects using task lists
  • identify the different types of groups, Defined and Undefined CPCs, together with CPC Images
  • define how each type of group is created and used
  • understand the Details panel and its status
  • resolve exception conditions
  • use the hardware messages task
  • use the operating system messages task
  • create the three types of Activation profiles, RESET, IMAGE and LOAD to perform POR, LPAR activation and IPL
  • understand how these profiles are used
  • create userids to accomodate different levels of authorization
  • understand HMC/SE security
  • establish a single object operations session (CPC session) to the SE and understand how to use the SE.


Introduction to the Hardware Management Console (HMC)

The HMC: Common terms; The CPC layout; Model numbers; Blade Server zBX; Server Activation; Channel configuration; HMC styles; Logging onto the HMC; Managing CPCs and LPARs.

Using the HMC Console

Using The HMC console; Userids; Settings; Styles; Classic CPC and LPAR; Tree CPC and LPAR; Details panel of CPC; Details panel of a CPC Image (LPAR); Console Tasks (Classic); Console Tasks (Tree); Daily tasks; Recovery Tasks; Service Tasks; Change Management Tasks; CPC Operational Tasks.

Activation Profiles

Activation Profile types; Reset Profiles: General & Storage, Dynamic & Options, CP/SAP & Partitions; Image Profiles: General & Processor, Security, Options, Crypto; Load Profile; Load Profile General.

Operational Tasks and Messages

Single Object Selection; Locked Objects; Automatically Locking Objects; Toggle Lock; Activate Task; Using the Activate Task for a CPC with a Reset Profile; Checking the Profile assigned; CPC Image Activation using an Image Profile; CPC Image Activation using a LOAD Profile; CPC and CPC Image Activation Success and Failure; CPC Activation using the Reset Profile; LPAR Activation using the Image Profile; IPL'ing a system with a LOAD Profile; Hardware messages; Details of Hardware messages; Logs for Hardware problems; Operating System Messages; Sending Commands to the Operating System; Manual Loads and Manual PORs; Deactivation of CPC and CPC Image using the Deactivate Task; Changing LPAR Weights; Initial weight; Minimum weight; Maximum weight; Initial capping; Monitor Dashboard.

Single Object Operations with the CPC

Connectivity to the SE; User Styles; SE activities; Displaying Hardware components; Individual Hardware components; Exceptions.


Setting up security; User IDs; Customising User Controls; Password Profiles; Manage User Wizard; Domain Security; Certificate Management; Manage SSH Keys; Manage Directory Server Definitions.

2 Days

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Delivery method


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