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Course code TPZL1_NGT61
Duration 3 Days

IBM PureFlex provides customers the ability to consolidate key IT elements into a simple, easy to manage, footprint: compute, storage, and networking elements within a single managed framework. The Flex System V7000 Storage Node brings years of IBM storage expertise to the PureSystems arena. This course is designed to provide you basic operational knowledge of the Flex System V7000. This includes initial setup, configuration, and provisioning. We will also look at key advanced features such as Easy Tier, Compression, and Copy Services. You should feel comfortable with deploying Flex System V7000 storage volumes to both Power compute nodes and Intel compute nodes upon completion.

Delegates will learn how to

  • Recognize benefits of IBM Flex System V7000 Storage Node
  • Summarize configuration options available for Flex System V7000
  • Implement administrative tools to manage Flex System V7000
  • Differentiate between native Flex System V7000 and FSM Storage administrative techniques
  • Determine utilization strategies for Flex System V7000
  • Design effective management strategy for Flex System V7000 within a Pure System installation


Day 1

  • Welcome
  • Unit 1: Introduction to IBM Flex System V7000 Storage Node
  • Lab 1: IBM Flex System V7000 Storage Node via the CMM
  • Unit 2: IBM Flex System V7000 Storage Node overview and architecture
  • Unit 3: IBM Flex System V7000 initial configuration
  • Lab 2: Basic Flex System V7000 administration

Day 2

  • Day 1 review
  • Unit 4: IBM Flex System V7000 Storage Node GUI interface
  • Unit 5: Flex System V7000 volume administration
  • Lab 3: Managing pools and volumes
  • Unit 6: Compute node storage host administration
  • Lab 4: Managing hosts

Day 3

  • Day 2 review
  • Unit 7: Flex System V7000 advanced storage functions
  • Lab 5: Copy Services management
  • Unit 8: FSM storage management operations
  • Lab 6: Storage Management operations

3 Days

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