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Code TPZL1_TW253
Duration 5 Days

IBM Security Identity Manager basic administrator overview and product introduction:

This 5 day course is an introduction to IBM Security Identity Manager administration. You learn how to plan, install, configure, use and manage an IBM Security Identity Manager system. The course includes many hands-on exercises to supplement the lecture material.


This course is suitable for anyone interested in learning IBM Security Identity Manager. No previous skillset is required. However, it is recommended that you have a familiarity with the following topics:

  • LDAP and TCP/IP fundamentals
  • JavaScript
  • Basic Linux administrative skills
  • Basic IBM WebSphere Application Server administrative skills

Delegates will learn how to

  • Describe the value proposition of IBM Security Identity Manager 6.0
  • Describe the process of creating a needs assessment document for Security Identity Manager
  • Identify the major components of the IBM Security Identity Manager 6.0 system architecture
  • Describe the installation process for IBM Security Identity Manager 6.0 and middleware
  • Configure organizational units, locations, and administrative domains
  • Navigate LDAP directory data
  • Create static and dynamic organizational roles
  • Create identity feeds for the five feed types
  • Manually request, modify, suspend, restore, and delete accounts
  • Create services and configure reconciliation
  • Create identity, password, service selection, provisioning, and recertification policies
  • Describe workflow elements and create workflows
  • Describe notifications and use the Notification Post Office
  • Create groups, views, and access control items
  • Create and manage account and access entitlements
  • Modify join directives
  • Correct noncompliant accounts and adopt orphaned accounts
  • Manage account and access request activities
  • Configure life cycle management
  • Customize account and other entity forms
  • Configure service forms, password settings, and synchronization
  • Customize the administrative and self-service consoles
  • Generate reports and design custom reports
  • Audit request activities
  • Describe methods of problem determination


  • Chapter 1, Introduction to IBM Security Identity Manager 6.0
  • Chapter 2, Planning a IBM Security Identity Manager Implementation
  • Chapter 3, Installing IBM Security Identity Manager 6.0
  • Chapter 4, Organization management
  • Chapter 5, User management and Role management
  • Chapter 6, Identity feeds
  • Chapter 7, Services and policies
  • Chapter 8, Provisioning resources
  • Chapter 9, Workflows
  • Chapter 10, Access control
  • Chapter 11, Lifecycle management
  • Chapter 12, Auditing and reporting
  • Chapter 13, Customization
  • Chapter 14, Problem determination

5 Days

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Delivery method


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