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Course Code TPZL1_ZZ820
Duration 3 Days

This course is designed for anyone who wants to get an understanding of the InfoSphere MDM Architecture (including the Virtual and Physical Hubs). This course walks you through the major components of the InfoSphere MDM and how each component interacts. You will learn how InfoSphere MDM responds once a service is invoked and the various configuration and extension points of a service. The course is used as an introduction to various components that make up the MDM Architecture and prepares you to identify how MDM will fit into their organization and what pieces may be customized to fit their business requirements.

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This intermediate course is designed for the following participants who want to get an understanding of the InfoSphere MDM Architecture (including the Virtual and Physical Hubs):

  • Infrastructure Specialist
  • Senior Technical Specialist
  • Technical Specialist
  • Support Engineers
  • System Architects

It is recommended you have:

  • Working knowledge Java EE architecture

Delegates will learn how to

  • Understand the InfoSphere MDM Architecture and how a service on the Virtual and Physical Hub are handled

  • Understand the Configuration Points of the InfoSphere MDM

  • Understand the Core Data Entities of the Physical Hub and their relationship to each other

  • Understand the Tables of the virtual Hub

  • Understand the Extension Points of the InfoSphere MDM Physical Hub

  • Understand the Configuration Points of the InfoSphere MDM Virtual Hub

  • Understand the Common components and services of the Physical and Virtual Hubs


Day 1

  • Unit 1: MDM and the Enterprise
  • Unit 2: Architecture
  • Unit 3: MDM Physical Model
  • Unit 4: MDM Virtual Mode

Day 2

  • Unit 5: How InfoSphere MDM services are Invoked
  • Unit 6: How Services are implemented
  • Unit 7: Linking and Duplicates
  • Unit 8: How Services are Extended (Physical Hub)

Day 3

  • Unit 9: How Services are Configured (Virtual)
  • Unit 10: Common Services
  • Unit 11: Integration

3 Days

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