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Duration 4 Days

This course is designed, written and presented by Minerva Douglas, one of the UK's foremost IMS programming specialists. The course will provide the essential information that is required by programmers to enable them to use IMS to access Databases as effectively as possible. The course covers not only the facts about IMS database access, but also includes several practical exercises that allow attendees to work through various programs and learn the most structured and efficient use of IMS database calls.<br><br>This course is available on demand for public presentation (minimum 2 attendees) and is also available for one-company, on-site presentations.


COBOL or PL/I programming experience and program edit and submission knowledge.

Delegates will learn how to

  • describe the basic components of IMS DB
  • understand and use IMS DB terminology
  • describe and explain the main facilities available in IMS DB
  • code and test a basic COBOL or PL/I program to access IMS databases.


Introduction to IMS

Hierarchical database versus conventional files; hierarchical database terminology.

IMS Components

Data Base Description; Program Specification Block; Application Control Block.

IMS Programming

IMS batch programming; DL/1 Call Statement; Segment Search Arguments; GU function; GN function; GNP function; ISRT function; REPL function; DLET function; efficiency considerations; positioning; multiple qualification; IMS DB status codes; program structure.

Command Codes

D Command Code; F Command Code; L Command Code; C Command Code; P Command Code; N Command Code; U Command Codes; V Command Code.

Database Access Methods

HSAM; HISAM; HDAM; HIDAM; non-Hierarchical Sequential Organisation; Secondary Indexing; Logical Relationships; Logical Structures.

4 Days

Training delivered by an IBM Global Training Provider
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