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Code TPZL1_9U10
Duration 1 Day

This course introduces you to planning, designing, producing, and assessing mailing campaigns with IBM eMessage and IBM Campaign. It provides a complete overview of the functionality of eMessage, primarily for users new to the system.

This intermediate course is for users of IBM eMessage for email campaign management, including the following roles:

  • eMail Director
  • eMail Designer
  • List Designer

Delegates will learn how to

  • Identify and describe the major functions and purposes of eMessage
  • Identify and discuss the three roles of eMessage users
  • Describe the typical workflow of eMessage involving the three roles and their respective tasks in the process of designing and executing eMessage mailings
  • Define and describe the different types of mailings.
  • Identify the components of a mailing
  • Create a mailing
  • Design and execute an IBM Campaign flowchart to select recipients for an eMessage Mailing
  • Identify, and describe the purpose of, an Output List Table
  • Configure the eMessage process to generate field data for personalizing emails.
  • Configure the eMessage process to generate a Test, Seed, and a Production list
  • Describe the roles and tasks involved with the creation of eMessage communication.
  • Access the Document Composer and create a new email or landing page from a template.
  • Use the tools and functions of the Document Composer to configure communications, including
  • Add and edit content
  • Add personalization fields
  • Identify and use Droppable Zones
  • Adding conditional content and configuring rules
  • Identify key elements of an eMessage communication template
  • Use Preview tools in the Document Composer to monitor conditional content, links, and rendering by different email clients
  • Run a test mailing
  • Execute a mailing
  • Monitor a mailing
  • Access reports to analyze mailing execution and performance
  • Access information to analyze mailing deliverability and responses


IBM eMessage Basics

  • What eMessage is and Does
  • IBM eMessage Concepts and Terminology
  • eMessage Roles
  • eMessage Workflow
  • eMessage Architecture Overview
  • eMessage Architecture: How the Components Interact

Configuring an eMessage Mailing

  • Types of eMessage Mailings
  • The Mailing Tab
  • Creating a Mailing
  • Mailing Execution and Status Section

Selecting Email Recipients

  • About the Recipient List
  • Planning the Recipient List
  • Building the Flowchart
  • Configuring the eMessage Process
  • Configuring the eMessage Process: Source Tab
  • Configuring the eMessage Process: Output Tab
  • Modifying a Recipient Output List

Creating eMessage Communications

  • Creating the eMessage Communication: Workflow and Roles
  • IBM eMessage Document Composer
  • Document Composer Concepts
  • Content Library
  • Features and Functions of the Document Composer
  • Personalization Fields
  • Conditional Content: Working with Rules
  • Creating Text-only Email Messages
  • SMS Messages
  • Personalized Landing Pages
  • Document Composer Templates
  • Document Composer Preview Function
  • Preview Reports
  • Publish an eMessage Document

Testing and Sending eMessage Mailings

  • Testing and Sending Mailings: Workflow and Roles
  • Testing an eMessage Mailing
  • Sending Production eMessage Mailing
  • Confirm That the Mailing is Ready
  • Production Send: Standard Mailing
  • Monitoring Progress
  • Pause, Resume, or Stop a Mailing
  • View Execution History of a Mailing
  • Scheduling an eMessage Mailing
  • Schedule a Flowchart
  • Schedule a Mailing Run After a Scheduled Flowchart Run
  • Transactional Mailings
  • Transactional Mailing Architecture
  • A/B Testing

IBM eMessage Reports

  • Accessing Reports
  • Message Overview Report
  • Detailed Bounce Report
  • Detailed Link by Cell Report
  • Detailed Link Report
  • Mail Execution History Report
  • Deliverability Report

1 Day

Delivery Method

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