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Code TPDBV10
Duration 2 Days

This new two-day course introduces and discusses the changes and new features of DB2 10 for z/OS. It provides a technical overview, and discusses areas of potential advantage for the new features. The course is intended for system and database administrators, application developers and others needing a technical introduction to the new features of DB2 10.

Delegates will learn how to

  • describe the new features and facilities introduced with DB2 10
  • describe migration possibilities and issues
  • identify the changes to commands, utilities and SQL relevant to their own organisation
  • identify the new features that would particularly benefit their own installation.


Summary of DB2 10 for z/OS Changes & Features

Introduction; performance enhancements; availability enhancements; security enhancements; distributed functionality; XML enhancements; programming & SQL enhancements; command & utility changes; migration considerations.

Performance Enhancements

Reduced CPU usage; Improved optimisation techniques; High performance database access threads; I/O parallelism for index updates; Buffer pool enhancements; Universal tablespace enhancements; Large object & XML streaming enhancements; Index enhancements; Data access enhancements; Hash tables; Contention reduction.

Availability Enhancements

Online schema change enhancements; Pending definition changes; Partition rotation enhancements; Point-in-time recovery enhancements; Easier addition of active log datasets.

Security Enhancements

Improved row and column access control; Permissions; Column masks; Finer granularity with administrative privileges; Support for new z/OS security features.

Distributed Functionality

Elimination of DDF private protocol; 64-bit ODBC driver support; DRDA support of Unicode for system code pages; JDBC & SQLJ driver enhancements.

XML Enhancements

XML schema validation; Consistency checking; Increased support for binary and date and time XML data.

Application Programming & SQL Enhancements

Temporal tables; system-period data versioning; Enhanced SQL scalar functions; SQL table functions; Enhanced native SQL procedures; Implicit casting; TIMESTAMP enhancements; Moving sums & averages; Extended SQL procedural language support; Extended indicator variables.

Command & Utility Changes

New and amended commands; utility enhancements.

Migration Considerations

Migration paths; Migration steps; Migration considerations.

2 Days

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