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Code TPSM310
Duration 5 Days

This five-day course provides students with the skills needed to effectively use, configure, and customize the Request Management application. This course covers how to use Service Manager 9.30 software to effectively manage the Request Management application, as well as customize and configure the Service Manager 9.30 software using advanced administrative
tools. You will also apply ITIL-based Request Management processes to Service Manager 9.30.
This course is 50% lecture and 50% hands-on labs. This course covers software versions 9.21 and 9.3 and the hands-on labs use software version 9.3.

This course is designed for users who are experienced with Service Manager, or have taken one of the level 100 courses (Technical Configuration or Foundations for Process Owners).


Any one of the following courses:

  • Service Manager 9.x: Technical Configuration
  • Service Manager 9.x: Foundations for Process Owners


  • Customers: Administrators, developers, web developers, and managers who are managing the Service Manager 9.30 software.
  • Implementers: Consultants, system architects, integrators and planners who help customers implement Service Manager 9.30 software in a customer environment.

Delegates will learn how to

  • Describe how the Request Management process works in Service Manager 9.30.
  • Describe the Request Management application architecture.
  • Open requests within Service Manager and guide them through their full lifecycle.
  • Configure alerts, approvals, and master categories.
  • Administer the structure of the Request Management catalog and associated levels of categories.
  • Approve, deny, and retract quotes.


Day One

Course Logistics

  • Course Logistics
  • Daily Schedule
  • VILT Instructions
  • Participants' introductions
  • Virtual Lab Information
  • Course Objectives
  • Course Overview

Module 1: Request Management Overview

  • Features of Request Management
  • Request Management Process

Day Two

Module 2: The Catalog

  • Model Records
  • Supporting Catalog Records

Day Two

Module 3: Categories and Phases

  • Line Item Categories and Phases
  • Master categories
  • Order Categories and Phases
  • Quote Categories and Phases

Module 4: Security and Access Control

  • Environment
  • Profiles and Capability Words
  • Groups

Day 3

Module 5: Approvals

  • Approval Processing
  • Approval Setup

Module 6: Alerts and Messaging

  • Alerts
  • Notifications
  • Macros

Day Four

Module 7: Advanced Processing

  • Packages and Dependencies
  • Order scheduling
  • Receiving and Posting
  • Tailoring Tools

Day Five

Module 8: Business Process Flows

  • Pre-implementation Planning
  • Develop Business Process Flows

5 Days


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