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Code TPSM220
Duration 3 Days

This 3-day course is targeted at users who are responsible for tailoring the Service Manager application. It focuses on the various methods that can be used to integrate Service Manager with other applications.

The hands-on labs use version 9.30 of the software.

This course is designed for users who are experienced with Service Manager.

Intended Audience

  • Customers: Administrators, developers, and web developers, who are responsible for integrating Service Manager 9.30 with other applications.
  • Implementers: Consultants, system architects, integrators and planners who help customers implement Service Manager 9.30 software in a customer environment.


One of the following:

  • Service Manager 9.x Foundations
  • Service Manager 9.x Technical Configuration
  • Service Manager 9.x Advanced

Delegates will learn how to

  • Describe the Service Manager architecture
  • Describe the SCAuto integration
  • Describe how to integrate to Service Manager using ConnectIt
  • Describe how to integrate to Service Manager using Web Services
  • Describe how to integrate Service Manager with third-party directories (specifically, LDAP)
  • Describe how the following applications integrate with Service Manager:
    • UCMDB
    • Release Control
    • Operations Orchestration
    • Project & Portfolio Management


Course Introduction

  • Participant introductions
  • Administration and housekeeping
  • Facilities
  • Participants' responsibilities
  • Course objectives
  • Course outline

Module 1: Integration Technologies Overview

  • Integrating with Web Services
  • Integrating with SCAuto
  • Integrating with ConnectIt
  • LDAP Integration
  • Additional application integrations

Module 2: Integrating with Web Services

  • Web Services Overview
  • Web Services and WSDL
  • Publishing Apps as Web Services
  • Configuring WSDL
  • Consuming Web Services

Module 3: Integrating with SCAuto

  • SCAuto Overview
  • SCAuto integration architecture
  • Preconfigured SCAuto applications
  • SCAuto Software Development Kit (SDK)
  • Understanding event services, event maps, and filters
  • Using SCAuto email
  • Troubleshooting

Module 4: Integrating with ConnectIt

  • About ConnectIt
  • ConnectIt Connectors
  • Benefits of ConnectIt
  • Basic terminology and concepts
  • Steps to execute ConnectIt scenarios
  • ConnectIt logs, reports, and functions

Module 5: Integrating with Third Party Directories (LDAP Integration)

  • What is LDAP?
  • LDAP structure
  • Configuring the Service Manager connections to the LDAP Server
  • Troubleshooting

Module 6: Product Specific Integrations (Overview)

    • Integration infrastructure
    • Using the Integration Studio for flow management
    • Multiple CMDBs
    • Reconciliation and federation improvements
  • Release Control
    • Understanding the integration between Release Control and Service Manager
    • Configuring LWSSO between RC 9.1x and SM 9.30
  • Operations Orchestration
    • Closed Loop and Incident Process (CLIP)
    • Linking Knowledge documents to OO flows
  • Project & Portfolio Management (PPM)
    • Understanding how PPM and Service Manager are integrated in the CCRM solution

3 Days


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