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Code TPCCRM120
Duration 3 Days

This three-day course provides students with the skills needed to effectively configure and use the Change, Configuration, and Release Management (CCRM) solution, which includes HP Service Manager v9.30, HP Release Control v9.13, HP UCMDB v9.03, HP Operations Orchestration v9.00 and Project and Portfolio Management 9.12 software. In this course, you perform integration steps to enable the five software products. You will also learn the process for handling changes using Service Manager and Release Control. Lastly, you will understand the role of UCMDB in handling changes to CIs and determining impact. This course is 50% lecture and 50% hands-on lab.

Software Versions: 9.10


  • Service Manager 9.x Foundations or Service Manager 9.x Technical Configuration.

Who Should Attend?

  • Customers: Administrators, Change Manager process owners, and managers of the Service Manager, Release Control, and Operations Orchestration software.

  • Implementers: Consultants, system architects, integrators and planners who help customers implement the Service Manager, UCMDB, Release Control, Operations Orchestration, and Project Portfolio Management software in a customer environment.

Delegates will learn how to

  • Describe the architecture of the CCRM solution
  • Configure the integrations among UCMDB v9.03, Service Manager v9.30, Release Control v9.13, Operations Orchestration v9.00 and Project and Portfolio Management 9.12
  • Describe how the Change Management process works in Service Manager 9.30
  • Detect and handle unplanned change requests when using UCMDB
  • Validate changes
  • Detect and handle change collisions
  • Determine impact and risk for pending changes
  • Handle change approvals in and between Release Control and Change Management
  • Launch Operations Orchestration workflows from within Service Manager
  • Use Project and Portfolio Management to pull Business Service CIs from UCMDB and associate CIs with a Project Task
  • Submit RFCs to Service Manager from a Portfolio Management Project Task


Course Introduction

  • Participant introductions
  • Course objectives
  • Course outline
  • Labs
  • Survey

Module 1: Introducing CCRM

  • What is CCRM?
  • What is Change Management?
  • Current state of Change Management
  • What business problems does CCRM solve?
  • HP Solution for Change Management
  • Product structure for CCRM
  • CCRM installation components overview
  • Service Manager
  • Release Control
  • Operations Orchestration
  • User roles and their job responsibilities in the CCRM solution
  • ITIL alignment
  • Project and Portfolio Management

Module 2: Integrating Service Manager and UCMDB

  • Value proposition
  • Define connection between Service Manager and UCMDB
  • Create an 'integration point'
  • Create a Data Push job
  • Run a Data Push job and view the results in Service Manager

Module 3: Handling Unplanned Change Requests

  • Modify CI attribute values in UCMDB and Service Manager
  • Understand how Service Manager and UCMDB handle discrepancies
  • Handle unplanned changes
  • Verify that Managed State and Actual State attribute values are automatically updated

Module 4: Validating Planned Changes

  • Understand the validation process in UCMDB and Service Manager
  • Run UCMDB Data push jobs
  • Validate that changes were implemented
  • Verify that Managed State and Actual State attribute values are automatically updated

Module 5: Integrating Release Control with UCMDB and Service Manager

  • CCRM Data Flow
  • Define connection between Release Control and UCMDB
  • Define connection between Release Control and Service Manager
  • Configure Lightweight Single Sign-On (LWSSO) in CCRM solutions
  • Adding Custom Fields in Release Control and Service Manager

Module 6: Using HP Release Control

  • Release Control architecture
  • Understand relationships between Release Control and Change Management
  • Track all changes in a single view
  • Maintain forward schedule of changes
  • Manage changes using a virtual CAB
  • Understand impact analysis
  • Understand collision detection
  • Understand risk analysis
  • Understand time periods
  • Understand similar changes

Module 7: Handle Planned Change Requests

  • Work with Change Management workflows
  • Navigate from Change Management to Release Control during phases
  • Reschedule changes
  • Process approvals

Module 8: Operations Orchestration and Service Manager

  • Integrate Service Manager and Operations Orchestration
  • Add OO flows to Service Manager Change Management
  • Manually trigger OO flows
  • Automatically launch OO flows from within Service Manager
  • Troubleshoot

Module 9: Integrate UCMDB and Project Portfolio Management

  • Core Use Cases
  • Change and Release as Part of a Project
  • Integrating UCMDB and PPM
  • Open a PPM project

Module 10: Integrate Project Portfolio Management and Service Manager

  • Core Use Cases
  • Change and Release as Part of a Project
  • Integrating PPM and SM
  • Service Request Process with Automation

Module 11: Best Practices for CCRM Integration Scenarios

  • Upgrade from CCRM 9.0 to CCRM 9.1
  • Understand the simplified LWSSO configuration in Service Manager 9.30
  • Examine known issues and limitations

3 Days


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