About this Course

Code TPPC350
Duration 2 Days

This course introduces you to the tasks that are performed by Performance Center (PC) system administrators, project managers, and Performance leads. This course describes how to set up and maintain the Administration site, set up users, and manage PC resources. This course uses a workshop format with the emphasis on the hands-on lab exercises using version 11.5 of the Performance Center application


Working knowledge of:

  • Windows
  • Web sites and browsers
  • Testing concepts

This course is intended for:

  • Experienced and new product users
  • Users responsible for, or involved in, performance testing

Delegates will learn how to

  • Describe the Performance Center architecture
  • Manage user accounts
  • Assign user privileges
  • Manage multiple projects
  • Oversee server resources
  • Manage test executions
  • Monitor and analyze error information
  • Produce various reports
  • Troubleshoot PC 11.50 issues using the logs


Module 1: Course Overview

  • Identify contents of the course
  • Define goals of the course
  • Recognize fellow participants
  • Define class schedule
  • Identify the prerequisites and out-of-scope topics
  • Define the lab environment

Module 2: Introduction to HP ALM PC

  • Identify ALM Performance Center features
  • Identify the system advantages of ALM Performance Center
  • Work with ALM Performance Center components
  • Define ALM Performance Center sites

Module 3: ALM Performance Center Administration Overview

  • Identify Site Administration functionality
  • Define the site map for administration
  • Work with the Site Administration using the following tabs:
  • Site projects
  • Managing the lab
  • Site users
  • Site connections
  • Licenses
  • Server
  • DB server
  • Site configuration
  • Site analysis

Module 4: Using ALM PC Resources

  • Identify lab resources
  • Identify a host
  • Use the Administration site to add hosts and host locations
  • Identify key host information issues
  • Create MI Listeners
  • Work with pools
  • Work with ALM Performance Center servers

Module 5: Managing Users

  • Identify administrator tasks in user management
  • Manage personal user information
  • Create users
  • Configure new user information
  • View user status
  • Identify privilege levels
  • Create groups
  • Configure privilege levels for groups

Module 6: Setting Up Projects

  • Identify a project
  • Work with projects including:
  • Creating new projects
  • Updating project details
  • Map a project to a pool
  • Define host allocation criteria

Module 7: Lab Management

  • Perform lab and project settings
  • List the maintenance tasks
  • Manage resources
  • Manage timeslots

Module 8: Working with Reports

  • Identify the types of reports
  • User various reports, such as:
  • Concurrency vs. License report
  • Resource Summary report
  • Timeslot Usage report
  • Resource by Duration report
  • Resource by Runs report
  • Trends report

Module 9: Defining Lab Settings

  • Manage license information
  • Identify project settings features
  • Navigate through project settings
  • Perform system health check
  • Define Performance Center servers
  • Navigate Through server configuration
  • Configure alerts

Module 10: PC Maintenance

  • Perform maintenance tasks
  • Identify and install patches
  • Change system user information

Module 11: Troubleshooting

  • Outline general troubleshooting techniques
  • Identify error and event logs
  • Identify trace files
  • Check resources of ALM Performance Center executables
  • Track problematic machines and general errors

2 Days


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