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Code TPU4194S
Duration 3 Days

This 3-day lecture course will let you get the practical, hands-on experience you need to configure, modify, monitor, and maintain a Pathway system. By the end of the course, you will understand the major Pathway system management functions and have implemented them on an actual system.


  • Concepts and Facilities (U4147S)
  • Knowledge of the HP NonStop server requester-server concept


  • System Managers

Delegates will learn how to

  • Describe the components of the Pathway environment and how they relate to an online transaction processing application.
  • Configure, start, stop, and monitor the components of a Pathway system.
  • Use the utilities necessary in Pathway system management.
  • Add terminal control processes (TCPs), terminals, and server classes to a running Pathway system.
  • Diagnose and fix problems that occur during the running of a Pathway system.
  • Describe the Pathway/iTS subsystem and interaction with iTP WebServer.
  • Configure and understand server to server communication using Pathsend.


Module 1 Pathway Introduction

  • Online transaction processing (OLTP) in the NonStop server environment
  • The requester-server approach to online transaction processing
  • The Pathway application and its role in online transaction processing
  • Components of the Pathway operational environment
  • Tasks a Pathway system manager performs

Module 2 Establishing an Initial Pathway Configuration

  • Objects in a Pathway system
  • Difference between global and object-specific configuration parameters
  • Configuring the global and object-specific parameters
  • Building an initial Pathway configuration file
  • Lab exercise: Establishing an Initial Pathway Configuration

Module 3 Performing Pathway Operational Tasks

  • Interfaces in a Pathway system
  • How to start PATHMON and PATHCOM processes
  • Cold starting and cool starting a Pathway system
  • Starting and stopping the Pathway objects individually
  • Monitoring and maintaining a Pathway system
  • Shutting down a Pathway system
  • Lab exercise: Performing Pathway
  • Operational Tasks

Module 4 Refining Your Pathway Configuration

  • The importance of Pathway configuration
  • Use of SET commands to configure required and optional parameters on Pathway objects
  • Configuring Pathway objects using production-type parameters
  • Lab exercise: Refining Your Pathway Configuration

Module 5 Managing and Maintaining a Pathway System

  • Tasks performed by a Pathway system manager
  • Using PATHCOM commands to maintain a Pathway system, and diagnosing and fixing problems in a running Pathway system
  • Lab exercise: Managing a Running Pathway System
  • Lab exercise: Resolving Pathway Problems

Module 6 Managing Applications

  • Major issued relating to managing application code in a Pathway environment
  • Practical guidelines for configuring, managing, and monitoring Pathway systems
  • Collecting Pathway performance information
  • Lab exercise: Managing Application Code

Module 7 Managing Related NonStop Products

  • The purpose of NonStop server products related to Pathway applications
  • Management-related issues associated with these products
  • Appendix A - Tables
  • File Status Codes Augmented by Guardian-Err
  • Application Profile
  • SCREEN-COBOL Send Error Numbers
  • Recognizing the Source of Messages on Your
  • Log Terminal
  • One 6530 terminal emulator capable of multiple sessions with the NonStop server, and having projection capability, for the instructor.
  • Onsite-Delivery Equipment Requirements
  • A S-series, or Integrity NonStop server with minimum configuration of 2 CPU
  • NonStop operating system, version G06.24 or later NonStop S-series servers, H06.06, J06.03 or later for NonStop Integrity servers
  • NonStop TS/MP, Pathway TS, NonStop
  • Transaction Management Facility (TMF), and COBOL85 software
  • One 6530 terminal emulator capable of multiple sessions with the NonStop server per student
  • One 6530 terminal emulator capable of multiple sessions with the NonStop server, and having projection capability, for the instructor

3 Days


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