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Code TPHK916S
Duration 4 Days

This course covers the configuration and use of the HP Matrix Operating Environment infrastructure orchestration software to create an infrastructure service catalog and integrate into datacenter processes and services.


  • Administrators, engineers and consultants who will plan and manage internal cloud service catalogs using HP Matrix Operating Environment infrastructure orchestration software.


HP recommends that students have attained the following credentials or levels of experience before taking this course:

  • HP CloudSystem Matrix Administration (HK920S)
  • Basic Microsoft Windows server management
  • HP Systems Insight Manager experience or training
  • Basic networking knowledge
  • Basic SAN knowledge
  • Familiarity with HP Systems Insight Manager and HP Matrix Operating Environment

Delegates will learn how to

  • Configure HP Matrix Operating Environment infrastructure orchestration (IO) software.
  • Describe the IO workflow integration architecture.
  • Process XML-formatted workflow inputs provided by IO.
  • Create and manage a logical server through its lifecycle.
  • Create, run, and publish a simple workflow in HP Operations Orchestration (OO) Studio.
  • Describe the IO lifecycle integration interfaces.
  • Install and customize a sample cloudmap that contains an IO template, an OO workflow, and several customization files.


Module 1: Introduction to infrastructure orchestration

  • HP Matrix OE Overview
  • HP Matrix OE infrastructure orchestration
  • Integrating IO with other services
  • Managing IO services
  • Getting started with HP Matrix OE


  • Viewing IO Online Demonstrations
  • Downloading HP Matrix Operating Environment Documentation

Module 2: Configuring and using infrastructure orchestration

  • Configuring your lab environment
  • Administrator tasks
  • Configuring an organization
  • Setting up IO server pools
  • Configuring other pool resources
  • IO Template Design
  • Managing a failed service request
  • Troubleshooting a service request


  • Configuring your assigned VM
  • Configuring Infrastructure Orchestration resources
  • Creating and configuring an IO organization
  • Configuring organization resources
  • Provisioning physical servers
  • Troubleshooting

Module 3: IO Integration Architecture

  • IO Integration Interfaces
  • IO chargeback features
  • Extensible Server Adapter


  • Using the IO Integration Interfaces
  • Examining IO Web Services
  • Using the Chargeback CLI

Module 4: Introduction to Operations Orchestration Workflows

  • Operations Orchestration Overview
  • OO Studio User Interface


  • Installing OO Studio
  • Exploring OO Studio

Module 5: Authoring Your First Workflow

  • Authoring your first workflow


  • Authoring your first workflow

Module 6: Creating Workflows for infrastructure orchestration

  • IO workflow integration architecture
  • IO workflow structure
  • Creating an IO workflow
  • Extracting information from the RequestXML input
  • Modifying the workflow
  • Using XSLT


  • Building a CaptureXML workflow
  • Customizing the output filename
  • Modifying the output filename
  • Parsing XML with XSLT

Module 7: IO Cloudmap Solution

  • Cloudmap Solution Components
  • Cloudmap Workflow Logic
  • Installing a Cloudmap Solution


  • Installing the Cloudmap Solution

4 Days


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