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Duration 3 Days
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The role of Customer Success Manager (CuSM) is crucial to the business of services or subscription based products. Where the upfront investment is low, and the switching costs are negligible, having a focused resource to ensure that end customers achieve the promised benefits, increase use within their organization, and align your roadmap and product development to maximize the realized value, both organizations benefit. The Cisco Customer Success Manager certification provides a solid framework, and a core set of fundamental proven skills to deliver immediate value to the vendor/customer relationship. This instructor lead program spans three days, and provides an immersive training on the core tenets of Customer Success, diving into the Cisco Adoption VALUE Framework, and preparing the learners to successfully complete their certification, with case studies other group activities that increase confidence in their skills to be effective in the Customer Success role


It is recommended, but not required, that students have the following knowledge and skills:

  • Previous experience of working with customers to determine, measure, and deliver business outcomes through the implementation of technology
  • Either completed the Cisco Customer Success Manager Foundations (DTCSMF) e-learning course or be familiar and comfortable with its content

Delegates will learn how to

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand what Customer Success means in the context of software based IT products or cloud based services that are targeted at enterprise customers
  • Understand the key tasks, and expectations from the Customer Success Manager role
  • Have knowledge of CSF, KPI, and how they are related to success


Module 1: Customer Engagement

Lesson 1: Overview of the CuSM Role

  • Purpose, Value, and Core Activities for the CuSM Role
  • How Should Customer Success (and CuSMs) Be Measured?
  • Overview of the Cisco CuSM Value Framework
  • Skills and Competencies for the CuSM Role

Lesson 2: Engaging with and Understanding the Customer

  • Cisco CuSM VALUE Framework: Validate Phase Key Outputs
  • Researching and Understanding the Customer
  • Exercise – Researching the Customer’s Business
  • Review: Engaging with and Understanding the Customer

Lesson 3: Developing Customer Success

  • Cisco CuSM VALUE Framework: Awareness Phase Key Outputs
  • Discovery Process
  • Exercise: Planning for Discovery
  • Review: Developing Customer Success

Module 2: Enabling Success

Lesson 1: Enabling and Influencing Customer Success

  • Cisco CuSM VALUE Framework: Learnings Phase Key Outputs
  • Personas and Learning Plans
  • The Adoption Process
  • Driving Adoption
  • Exercise: Creating an Adoption Plan
  • Review: Enabling and Influencing Customer Success

Lesson 2: Driving Utilization and Value

  • Cisco CuSM VALUE Framework: Utilization Phase Key Outputs
  • Understanding Health Scores
  • Using a Health Score
  • Exercise: Planning CuSM Activity

Lesson 3: Monitoring Ongoing Customer Health

  • Cisco CuSM VALUE Framework: Embed Phase Key Outputs
  • Understanding Processes
  • Generating Additional Value
  • Exercise: Creating More Customer Value

Lesson 4: Role Play Exercise

  • Exercise: Role Play an Initial Meeting

Lesson 5: Summary and Review

  • What This Course Covered
  • Recommended Next Steps

Appendix 1: Case Studies

  • Case Study Exercise 1: Planning for Customer Discovery
  • Case Study Exercise 2: Creating an Adoption Plan
  • Case Study Exercise 3: Planning CSM Activity
  • Case Study Exercise 4: Creating Additional Customer Value
  • Case Study Exercise 5: Role Play an Initial Meeting

Appendix 2: Cisco Value Framework

3 Days

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