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Duration 1 Day
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If both classroom and virtual dates are available for this course please specify your preference when booking.

This 1 day workshop has been developed by Fast Lane to provide students with the skills to configure, optimise and troubleshoot a Cisco Meraki wireless solution. Through instructor led demonstrations and lessons, students will learn how to install and optimise Meraki access points to provide a seamless user experience, and gain a thorough understanding of diagnosing and resolving any issues that may arise.


It is assumed delegates will already have a general understanding of wireless networking before attending this workshop.Students who do not posess these pre-requisite skills are advised to complete the 'Defining Cisco Wireless LAN Essentials' e-learning.

Delegates will learn how to

Following completion of this workshop, students will understand how to:

  • Connect Meraki access points
  • Navigate the dashboard
  • Understand the monitoring and reporting features
  • Troubleshoot device functionality and test network coverage


Connecting Meraki Access point

  • Dynamic Configuration
  • Static Configuration
  • Switch Port Configuration
  • Configuring Firewall Settings to Allow Meraki Cloud Management Access
  • Verify Device Functionality

Navigating the Dashboard

Radio Settings

  • Auto Channel
  • Band Steering
  • Minimum Bitrate Control
  • Channel Planning
  • Auto TX Power
  • Spectrum Analysis


  • Configuring WLAN
  • Encryption and Authentication
  • Integrating ISE with Authentication
  • Splash Pages
  • Client Addressing and Bridging
  • Firewall and Traffic Shaping
  • Group Policies and Blacklisting

Monitoring and Reporting

  • Access Point Status Page
  • Client Usage Page
  • Configuring Network Alerts in Dashboard
  • Event Log
  • Summary Report
  • Integrating Meraki Access Points into Prime
  • Using a Floor plan or custom map in Dashboard
  • Disable LED Lights
  • Broadcast SSIDs from Specific APs

Monitoring the Wireless Network

  • Packet Capture
  • Analytics


  • Verify Device Functionality and Test Network Coverage

Demonstration Labs :

  • Lab 1: Connecting the Meraki AP
  • Lab 2: Navigating the Dashboard
  • Lab 3: Optimizing the AP
    • Setting the Radios
    • Setting the Power
  • Lab 4: Spectrum Analysis
  • Lab 5: Creating WLAN – PSK, verifying connection
  • Lab 6: Creating WLAN – Local 802.1x, verifying connectivity
  • Lab 7: Creating WLAN – 802.1x External Radius Server (ISE), verifying connectivity
  • Lab 8: Creating WLAN – Guest Authentication, verifying connectivity
  • Lab 9: Optimizing Traffic: WLAN for Firewall and Traffic Shaping
  • Lab 10: Creating Group Polices and Blacklisting
  • Lab 11: Packet Capture from Meraki AP and Analysing the packet capture
  • Lab 12: Using a Floor plan or custom map in Dashboard and Using Analytics
  • Lab 13: Troubleshooting

1 Day

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Delivery method


Face-to-face learning in the comfort of our quality nationwide centres, with free refreshments and Wi-Fi.

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