About this Course

Duration 1 Day

This 1-day instructor led course provides delegates with the technical skills required to write basic SQL queries using Microsoft SQL Server.


Experience with these subject areas is strongly recommended:

  • Basic Relational database knowledge

Who should attend?

The course is intended for business intelligence developers and analysts who are responsible for writ-ing SQL queries.


Getting Started with Databases and SQL

  • Overview of SQL server databases
  • Overview and syntax elements SQL
  • Working with SQL scripts
  • Using SQL querying tools
  • Using SQL server management studio

Querying and Filtering Data

  • Using the SELECT statement
  • Filtering data
  • Working with NULL values
  • Formatting result Sets
  • Performance considerations for writing queries
  • Querying and filtering data

Joining Data from Multiple Tables

  • Querying multiple tables by using joins
  • Applying joins for typical reporting needs
  • Combining and limiting result set

Grouping & Summarising Data

  • Summarising data by using aggregate functions
  • Summarising grouped data
  • Ranking grouped data
  • Creating crosstab queries
  • Grouping and summarising data

5Working with Sub-queries

  • Writing basic sub queries
  • Writing correlated sub queries
  • Comparing sub queries with joins and temporary tables
  • Using common table expressions (CTE)
  • Working with sub-queries

Modifying Data in Tables

  • Inserting data into tales
  • Deleting data from tables
  • Updating data in tables
  • Overview of transactions
  • Modifying data in tables

Using programming objects for Data Retrieval

  • Creation of views
  • Creation of user-defined functions
  • Creation of stored procedures
  • Overview of triggers
  • Writing distributed queries

Using Advanced Querying Techniques

  • Considerations for querying data
  • Working with data types
  • Maintaining query files
  • Using advanced querying techniques

1 Day


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Delivery method


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