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Tech type Essentials
Course code QACYBSEM
Duration 1 Hour

Date: Monday 23rd October 2017

Time: 11:30 - 12:30

This webinar is being delivered by QA's Cyber specialist Brad Stone.

Join our expert instructor Brad Stone on this seminar to learn about the threats and risks faced by organisations today.

We will be discussing the types of threats faced by organisations, the impacts they have, the vulnerabilities oraganisations are exposed to and how these can be detected and avoided.

We will also look at the legal implications and Jurisdictional issues involved with threat management.

Agenda (with timings, including registration and breaks)

What is a threat?

  • Are all threats cyber?
  • Can non-cyber threats become cyber threats?

Threats cannot be considered in isolation

  • If there is no impact is something really a threat?
  • If there is no vulnerability to exploit, is something a threat?
  • If there is no probability of a threat exploiting a vulnerability is it a realistic threat?
  • Addressing threats rather than risk means unnecessary cost and security


  • Threat sources/actors/influencers.
  • Cyber enabled vs cyber dependent (hackers vs malware)
  • Are cyber threats the biggest threat to an organisation?

Risk management

  • Risk is the likelihood that a threat will exploit a vulnerability to create an impact.
  • How often do we make risk based decisions?
  • You have to assess the impact of what information is valuable to you
  • Threat assessment - needs to be realistic
  • Vulnerability assessment

How do attacks happen?

  • Vulnerabilities

Detection & Management

  • Incident management vs forensics
  • Vulnerability/pen testing


  • Jurisdictional issues
  • Evidence collection has to be legally admissible.
  • Any personal data collected as evidence has to be compliant to data acts

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