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Tech type Premium
Course code QASEMBD
Duration 2 Hours

This instructor-led introductory taster session demystifies the challenge of major data breaches for Data Protection Officers, Chief Information Security Officers and others responsible for managing cyber risks or raising user and senior management awareness.

Attendees will participate in an engaging, dynamic and practical review of the causes and effects of data breaches, with a focus on personal and financial information, corporate data, contact lists and exposed password lists.

The free taster session is designed to introduce QA's full day Data Breach course.

Date: Tuesday 6th November 2018

Time: 12:00 – 14:00

Location: Cyber Lab, QA International House

Cost: FREE

Learning outcomes

During this event you will learn how to:

  • Find evidence of PII data breaches online
  • Reverse password hashes in order to assess the potential for account takeover, fraud or identity theft following a data breach
  • Search the deep web for stolen or lost personal and business data
  • Explain the potential for de-anonymisation of PII and other data following even a relatively limited data breach
  • Conduct simple online checks to identify evidence of data breaches affecting your organisation or its users and customers
  • Express the value of data, describe data breach scenarios to decision-makers, and outline the lifecycle of a typical data breach

Presenter Biography


Mark Johnson

Mark Johnson


Mark is a former military intelligence officer, drug enforcement agent & global head of network fraud & security, now engaged by the City of London Police, the National Police Chief’s Council, CIFAS, the International Compliance Association, and MIS Training Institute.


Founded in 2001, The Risk Management Group (TRMG) provides refreshing new ways to examine and explain risks in the high-tech era. They demonstrate and illuminate today’s data breach and cyber risks in layman’s language, jargon-free, for audiences at all levels; from the Board to users.

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