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PRINCE2 is one of the world’s most widely used project management methods. Based on best-practice, the method can be applied to any project irrespective of its size, industry sector, geographic location or culture. This course provides a comprehensive introduction to PRINCE2. We cover its four integrated components – the principles, themes, processes and project environment. We also look at the management roles required in a PRINCE2 project and some of the management products that must be created to ensure the project is delivered in a coordinated, consistent and transparent manner.

We help you to not only know PRINCE2, but also apply and tailor it for your projects. The course has been designed by award winning instructional designers to ensure that it provides an interactive and engaging introduction to PRINCE2. Our experienced PRINCE2 experts explain the method through a wide range of group exercises and discussions.

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Detailed Information

Specific course content will include:

Introduction to PRINCE2

The structure of the method will be described before why a formal project management may be required. The benefits of adopting a formal project management method will also be discussed.


The seven PRINCE2 principles provide the framework for managing the project and are built on good practice developed from successful and failed projects.

Themes and Processes

The seven PRINCE2 themes are aspects of the project that must be continually addressed and integrated as the project journeys through its life cycle.

  1. Business Case
  2. Organization
  3. Quality
  4. Plans
  5. Risk
  6. Change
  7. Progress

The seven PRINCE2 processes encompass the chronological activities that are required to direct, manage and deliver the project successfully. The activities include pre-project, initiation and delivery, and end with project closure.

  1. Starting up a Project
  2. Directing a Project
  3. Initiating a Project
  4. Controlling a Stage
  5. Managing Product Delivery
  6. Managing a Stage Boundary
  7. Closing a Project

Tailoring and adopting PRINCE2

What are the key considerations when deciding how to apply PRINCE2 to a specific project and how does it support effective project delivery.

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No formal prerequisites exist for this course.

The course is suitable for anyone who has an interest in the PRINCE2 method including team members, functional managers, project sponsors, project support staff and future PRINCE2 practitioners.

  • Explain why a formal project management method may be required
  • Explain the purpose of the principles which underpin the PRINCE2 method
  • Define the purpose of the seven PRINCE2 themes and understand how they are applied to a project
  • List each step of the PRINCE2 journey, including the processes required to guide a project throughout its lifecycle
  • List the primary PRINCE2 management products which include baselines, records and reports
  • Explain how the application of PRINCE2 supports project delivery