Why QA for PRINCE2 e-learning?

Our PRINCE2 eLearning is designed to help you pass the exams, but more importantly we want you to be able to apply the PRINCE2 method to your own projects. 

That’s why our eLearning is based around a real-life case study with multimedia scenarios to walk you through each stage of the project lifecycle. The case study will enable you to understand the best practice way of applying the PRINCE2 method to deliver a successful project. You will learn the theory but in a fun and engaging way.

PRINCE2 eLearning is ideal for:

  • Flexibility to learn in the way that suits individuals: whole days, small chunks, in the office or at home
  • Tight schedules where you cannot spare the time for a classroom course
  • Learning on the move, to better use otherwise wasted travelling time
  • Refresher training, topping up your skills and knowledge, especially before taking re-registration exams
  • Creating a cost effective option for a large introductory roll-out across your wider organisation

PRINCE2 eLearning options: