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Course code QAAPMPLLP
Duration 4 Months

QAAPMP is a knowledge based qualification that allows candidates to demonstrate knowledge of all elements of project management and is recognised both nationally and internationally, giving candidates a qualification that can be carried from one job or industry to another. Being able to apply the necessary project management principles and techniques is essential for the development of a high performing project management professional.

Whilst the APMP qualification is a pivotal part of this programme, participants will truly understand and be able to apply what they learn throughout the programme to their own projects and they will share ideas with colleagues and have the confidence to challenge and influence their ways.

Why choose a Living Learning Programme?

Our unique and innovative Living Learning Programmes (LLP) support a structured career development path for all your project professionals. It will allow them to experience progressive and immersive learning as part of a collaborative community of practice, to make a distinct and tangible improvement in their day-to-day performance and your overall delivery capability.

It follows the 70:20:10 model of learning, blending a selected programme of self-study, virtual classroom (VC) sessions, tutor marked assignments (TMA) and work based assignments (WBA), so that project professionals will engage with their peers and their organisation in a way they have never done before.

Who is this programme aimed at?

Existing or aspiring project managers wishing to achieve a broader level of project management understanding and applications to enable them to participate in projects from individual assignments through to large complex projects. Whilst pre-existing project management experience is not essential, it certainly is beneficial in order to gain the most from this investment.

Programme structure

Through a carefully selected programme combining self-study, virtual classrooms (VC), tutor marked assignments (TMA) and work based assignments (WBA), project professionals will engage with their peers and the organisation in a way they have never done before. The programme will last typically for a 15-16 week duration (this can be reduced though), starting with a Launch Event followed by a mix of VC's, WBA's & TMA's that are carefully scheduled to ensure a good balance between the 'day-job' and meeting the demands of this programme. In addition, at the mid-way point, a 'Half-Way House' event is attended by all and finally, before the examination is scheduled a 'Crammer' event is attended to ensure everyone is given the best possible chance of success with the APMP certification.

All of the aspects of the programme are designed to promote reflection and improvement and to encourage participants to find opportunities to apply the learning in their workplace.


The programme is intended for project managers and aspiring project managers. Participants should have experience of working in a project environment and have a basic understanding of project management issues.

Programme Benefits

  • Access to a structured development programme with a blended delivery approach and endorsed at Board Level
  • Creates competent and confident project professionals who are able to manage projects of a complexity that matches their role Participation in a community where knowledge and experience is shared and received, which in turn supports participants' continual professional development (CPD)
  • Provides participants with on-the-job training from experienced mentors and access to a just-in-time support network of experts and peers
  • Demonstrates a commitment to professionalism and provides an opportunity to benchmark current skills and experience levels
  • Directly contributes to improving measurable organisational maturity and project delivery capability
  • Provides a mechanism for sharing and applying best practice in the organisation by building a collaborative Community of Practice
  • Implements a virtuous circle of development (senior professionals contribute to the development of junior team members), embedding a learning culture in the organisation
  • Enables organisations to visibly demonstrate their capability to prospects and customers giving them a competitive edge and clear return on investment

4 Months

Delivery Method

Delivery method


Face-to-face learning in the comfort of our quality nationwide centres, with free refreshments and Wi-Fi.

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