Developing highly effective project managers


  • Are your projects successful?
  • Is your project management capability clearly understood?
  • Do you know how good your project managers are?
  • Can you attract and retain good project managers?

QA recognise the need to embed the right culture and behaviours at the core of project delivery and enable project professionals to effectively demonstrate best practice. So at the heart of our approach to developing competent and confident project managers and improving organisational delivery capability, is QA’s Living Learning Programme.

Our unique and innovative Living Learning Programmes (LLP) support a structured career development path for all your project professionals. It will allow them to experience progressive and immersive learning as part of a collaborative community of practice, to make a distinct and tangible improvement in their day-to-day performance and your overall delivery capability.

We have designed fully supported development programmes at all levels, applied to various project management methodologies and accredited by the major certification bodies.

How it's different to a standard training course


Developing the rounded project professional requires much more than just theoretical training, the QA LLP is designed to engage the person and immerse them fully into their learning.

It follows the 70:20:10 model of learning, blending a selected programme of self-study, virtual classroom (VC) sessions, tutor marked assignments (TMA) and work based assignments (WBA), so that project professionals will engage with their peers and their organisation in a way they have never done before.

  • Modular Learning, Virtual Classrooms and Workbook Exercises engage the intellect
  • Work based assignments, half-way-house events and Learning Buddy exercises enhance social capacity
  • Tutor Marked Assignments and Work Based Assignments allow creative and practical skills to be developed, contributing to the individual’s self-esteem
  • Application to the learner’s real-world environment, with the availability of support from peers and mentors alike, provides growth in professional and life-skills

Living Learning Programmes

Participants will truly understand and be able to apply the project management principles and techniques they learn along the way to their own projects, and they will share ideas and have the confidence to challenge and influence their ways of working. Ultimately, they will approach their projects in a much different way to before, enhancing the project delivery success in terms of timescales and budgets.

QA has a proven approach to the design of the programme which has been tried and tested with several customers; however, where a specific requirement exists, the LLP can be tailored to suit the development needs of the organisation and is often the next step from a competence-based assessment (the QA COMPASS tool is a good example) which will highlight gaps in individual competence and organisational capability against an international competency framework.

Changing behaviours and encouraging self-realisation doesn’t happen overnight, so a typical LLP runs over a 12 week period and requires a commitment of approximately 6 hours per week by each student. There are individual activities, group activities and buddy activities, so collaboration is key, as is self-motivation and a desire to learn.

Measuring success


Before starting any learning programme we would recommend undertaking a benchmarking exercise to determine the current state of play and skill levels.

This can then be repeated once the programme has ended, typically about 6 months after, to allow the skills to embed. Typical measures could include:

  1. Tangible Measures
    • Consistency of documentation, processes and language through audit
    • Numbers of projects successfully through stage gates
    • % Accuracy of forecasting and review
    • % Successful project delivery
  2. Less Tangible Measures (via a survey)
    • Stakeholder confidence
    • Sponsor confidence
    • Team motivation

Case studies


Available Programmes


APMP Living Learning Programme (LLP)

4 Months

PRINCE2 Living Learning Programme (LLP)

84 Days

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