Become The Complete Project Manager

QA is the largest and most established provider of project, programme and portfolio management training in the UK.

At QA we have been helping professional Project Managers (PM) with their skills development for over 30 years. Throughout this time we have had the opportunity to see and hear from 1000's of individuals who have chosen,  or ′ended up′, in Project Management and enjoyed immense success doing so.

The Complete Project Manager

Without fail, the one common theme that we have heard time and time again is that successful project management professionals have developed both their ′core skills′ and a set of ′surrounding skills′ that enable them to perform in their role more successfully than the rest.

Beyond Core Skills

It is undeniable that in todays rapidly evolving business world the need to manage change is more vital than ever before. The demands on delivering structure projects, at pace, and to ever changing needs is placing more and more challenges upon the shoulders of the modern PM.

Consequently, the need for PM's to understand and deliver through the right project management methodology, deploying the right ′core skills′ is now not a guarantee of success. The modern PM requires a wider, more rounded set of skills that enable them to be influential, commercial, and demonstrate real leadership qualities, in short they need a more complete set of professional skills.

The Complete Professional

As part of QA′s Complete Professional Series, the Complete Project Manager offers a set of relevant and related skills for both the aspiring and experienced project manager, enabling an individual or organisation to develop broader, more capable project management capability.