About this Course

The Praxis Framework™ is a combination of four types of best practice guidance; Knowledge, Method, Competency and Capability and is the first framework to integrate projects, programmes and portfolios in a single guide. Upon completion of this course, delegates will have gained an understanding of the Praxis Framework™ and the processes and documentation used to manage lifecycle phases. Foundation level knowledge enables you to work effectively as part of any project or programme management team. It is a pre-requisite for the Practitioner qualification.

The content covered in this course is highly relevant to individuals in a P3 (Projects, Programmes, and Portfolios) Managerial position.

What's Included

Pre-Course Reading

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Detailed Information

The Praxis Framework

  • Praxis Framework™ Overview
  • Defining Projects, Programmes, and Portfolios
  • The Process Model
  • Lifecycles
  • Praxis & DSDM Agile
  • Governance


  • Project and Programme Processes
  • Portfolio Processes
  • Documentation

Management of processes

  • Integrative Management
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Business Case
  • Information Management
  • Requirements Management
  • Scope Management
  • Change Management
  • Schedule Management
  • Financial Management
  • Risk Management
  • Procurement
  • Resource Management

Interpersonal Skills

  • Conflict management
  • Motivation
  • Leadership
  • Team Building
  • Negotiation
  • Influencing
  • Communication

The Praxis Framework™ Foundation examination is a closed-book examination and is intended to assess the knowledge and skills that demonstrate proficiency in Praxis Project and Programme Management.

  • 75 Questions
  • 1 Hour Duration
  • Pass mark is 38/75 (50%)

No formal prerequisites exist for this course but delegates would benefit from some experience of working in a project or programme environment prior to attendance.

Pre-Course Reading

You will be provided with QA's pre-course workbook that will help you prepare for the course. The pre-course work is expected to take approximately three hours to complete (although delegates may wish to spend longer on this activity to help them prepare more effectively)

Proof of identification

If taking an exam, candidates are required to provide Photo ID with a valid signature e.g. driving license, passport or named work ID badges prior to sitting their exam. Failure to produce this ID will result in their exam results being withheld until proof of ID is provided.

Delegates will learn how to:

  • Understand the Praxis Framework™
  • Understand projects and programmes functions
  • Understand the processes used to manage lifecycle phases
  • Understand the documentation used to manage lifecycle phases.
  • Understand the similarities and differences between Praxis and other prominent frameworks
  • Work effectively as part of any project or programme management team.