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Duration 1 Day

This basic stats course uses SPSS to analyse your data, and covers many techniques within SPSS to allow you manage and analyse your data.

This course is for people who wish to analyse data using a variety of statistical methods. The course is an introduction to the methods required to use SPSS and covers multiple versions of the application (18-22). Although SPSS can be a very high powered statistical analysis tool, on this course only cross tabulation, basic descriptive and frequency statistics are covered amongst many other features of SPSS that will help you get the most out of your data.


You do not have to be a statistician to attend this course, basic understanding of maths like count and average would help.
If you have any knowledge of Microsoft Access database design, or writing formulas and functions in Microsoft Excel, these will help with learning various SPSS features.

Delegates will learn how to

  • Understand how the SPSS program works
  • Input and Import data into SPSS and save it
  • Select the appropriate descriptive analysis technique for the type of data you have and the questions you are trying to answer
  • Perform basic statistical analyses using SPSS
  • Interpret the data output
  • Generate a variety of charts
  • Create cross tabulations of data to produce alternative results
  • Use a variety of data tools to manage and manipulate your data


Overview of SPSS, and a tour of the screens

  • Data View, Variable View and Output Window

Understanding how to use Help

Getting Data into SPSS

  • Importing from CSV or text files (if relevant)
  • Importing from Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Access (if relevant)
  • Creating data manually

Using the Data Editor and Defining Variable Properties

  • Understanding each column in Defining Variables

Performing Basic Analyses

  • Create Frequency tables
  • Generate Descriptive Statistics

Working with the Output Window

  • Opening/Saving an Output Window
  • Copy and Pasting output results
  • Exporting Results to Microsoft Word, PDF or other applications

Creating Charts

  • How to use the Graphboard Template Choose
  • Using the Graph Builder to create charts
  • Creating with Legacy Charts

Using CrossTabs

  • Understanding CrossTabs to analysye multiple variables against others

Managing Data with Advanced Tools

  • Visual Binning
  • Splitting a Data File
  • Filtering your data
  • Calculating a Variable
  • Using the Date and Time Wizard.
Performance Plus

1 Day


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