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Course type Performance
Course code QAPR16P2
Duration 2 Days

This course is designed to integrate the use of Microsoft Project 2016 as the software tool for the planning, tracking and reporting for projects that are controlled using a PRINCE2 based methodology. It is suitable for delegates who are either PRINCE2 qualified or are required to work in a PRINCE2 environment


  • Delegates should have some practical experience of using Microsoft Project 2016
  • Delegates should be familiar with PRINCE2 terminology and processes and themes
  • This course is not an introduction to Microsoft Project 2016 nor to PRINCE2

Delegates will learn how to

  • Set Project Timelines
  • Create PRINCE2 Summary Stages in Microsoft Project
  • Add Work Packages, Resources and Estimates
  • Schedule a Microsoft Project plan
  • Add Control Points
  • Identify the Critical Path
  • Baseline a Microsoft Project plan
  • Track a plan both in Tolerance and in Exception
  • Report against the plan
  • Close the Project


Module 1: Setting Project Timelines and Summary Stages

  • Overview of Microsoft Project Calendars
  • Creating a Project Calendar
  • Scheduling the Microsoft Project Plan
  • Creating a High Level PRINCE2 Structure in Microsoft Project

Module 2: Adding Work Packages, Resources and Estimating the Plan

  • Adding Work Packages
  • Outlining the Plan
  • External References
  • Estimating and Adding Task Durations
  • Estimating and Adding Task Based Costs
  • Estimating Resource Requirements
  • Working with Resource Calendars and Availability
  • Adding Resource Costs

Module 3: Scheduling, Control Points, Critical Paths and Baselines

  • Sequencing the Plan
  • Task Relationships
  • Adding Control Points or Milestones
  • Identifying the Critical Path
  • Introduction to Standard Reports in Microsoft Project
  • Resource Assignments
  • Effort Driven Scheduling
  • Resolving Resource Overallocation
  • Resource Pools
  • Project Baselines

Module 4: Controlling a Stage within Tolerance

  • Overview of Tracking and Reporting in Microsoft Project
  • Entering Actuals within Tolerance
  • Updating Actuals
  • Progress Views and Reports in Microsoft Project
  • Visual Reports

Module 5: Controlling a Stage in Exception

  • Entering Actuals in Exception
  • Microsoft Project Exception Views and Reports

Module 6: Closing a Project

  • Entering Remaining Actuals
  • Breaking Links to External Microsoft Project Information
  • Microsoft Project Reports to Use at Closure


2 Days

Microsoft Office
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