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Tech Type Specialist
Duration 2 Days

The aim of this course is to provide you with the knowledge needed to design, create and manage custom workflows created using SharePoint Designer.

You will utilise your knowledge of SharePoint management and site structure to build no code workflow systems which enable you to automate set processes according to the needs of your business.

Target Audience:

This course is aimed at end users, knowledge workers and managers who have the responsibility to create automated business processes within SharePoint Sites. This course is not aimed at a technical audience but end users will appreciate some technical background information.


  • A basic understanding of Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7.
  • Experience using Internet Explorer or an equivalent browser.
  • Experience with or have attended the Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Skills for End User Site Administrators (www.qa.com/QASPSA10).
  • Have an understanding of what is expected of them by their organisation on what business systems or processes need automation.

Delegates will learn how to

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Work with existing SharePoint workflows.
  • Create and Manage Lists and Libraries using SharePoint Designer.
  • Create List workflows and understand workflow best practice.
  • Create workflow tasks and build initiation forms.
  • Use workflows to manipulate data in your site.
  • Use Visio Premium to efficiently design the layout of a workflow.


Module 1 - Introduction to Workflows

  • What are Workflows?
  • The Out of the Box (OOTB) Workflows Available in SharePoint
  • Working with the Approval OOTB Workflow
  • Managing a Workflow
  • Limitations of using Built In Workflows

Module 2 - Principles of using SharePoint Designer

  • Opening your Site in SharePoint Designer
  • The SharePoint Designer 2010 Interface
  • Working with Lists and Libraries using Designer
  • Adding and Editing List Columns

Module 3 - List Workflows

  • Opening the Workflow Site Object Interface
  • Understand the Different Types of Workflow
  • Creating a List Workflow
  • Using the Workflow Editor Interface
  • Publishing a Workflow
  • Running a Workflow

Module 4 - Workflow Tasks and Initiation Forms

  • Creating an Initiation Form
  • Workflow Task Actions
  • The Assign a To-Do Item Task
  • The Collect Data from a User Task
  • Creating Cross List Lookups using Workflow Variables
  • The Assign a Form to a Group Task
  • Creating In Sequence and Parallel Tasks
  • Tasks Assigned to SharePoint Groups

Module 5 - Utilising Data in Workflows

  • Event Driven Workflows
  • Using Calculations in Workflows
  • Create or Update Data in the Current List
  • Look-Up Data from Other SharePoint Lists
  • Create Items or Update Data in other SharePoint Lists
  • Copy and Delete Data
  • Obtain User Profile Data

Module 6 - Creating Workflows using Visio Premium

  • Exploring the Visio 2010 Workflow Template
  • Building a Workflow using Visio
  • Importing the Visio Workflow into SharePoint Designer
  • Exporting a SharePoint Designer Workflow to Visio
  • Using Visio Visualisation in the Browser
Specialist Course

2 Days

Microsoft Office
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