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Tech Type Essentials
Code VCEX10L2
Duration 1 Day
Special Notices

Shorter bite-size virtual sessions are available on key topics from this course. Please contact us for further details.

In this course you will use Microsoft Office Excel 2010 to streamline and enhance your spreadsheets with templates, charts, and formulas.

Target Audience:
This course was designed for delegates who need to learn how to create, modify and manage complex data in Microsoft Excel 2010

  • Calculate using a range of functions
  • Sort and filter data
  • Represent data using charts
  • Analyse data using Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts
  • Creating template


  • Create basic spreadsheets
  • Select and edit data
  • Perform basic formatting
  • Open, close and save files
  • Create basic formulas - AutoSum
  • Use Insert Function to create built-in functions
  • Work with absolute references
  • Use the AutoFill feature

Delegates will learn how to

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Calculate with advanced formulas
  • Organise worksheet and table data using various techniques
  • Create and modify charts
  • Analyse data using Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts
  • Creating Excel Template


Lesson 1: Calculating Data with Advanced Formulas

  • Apply Cell Range Names
  • Calculate Data Across Worksheets
  • Use Specialised Functions
  • Analyse Data with Logical and Lookup Functions

Lesson 2: Presenting Data using Charts

  • Create a Chart
  • Modify Charts
  • Format Charts

Lesson 3: Organising Worksheet and Table Data

  • Create and Modify Tables
  • Format Tables
  • Sort or Filter Worksheet or Table Data
  • Calculate Data in a Table or Worksheet

Lesson 4: Analysing Data using PivotTables, Slicers and Pivot Charts

  • Create a PivotTable Report
  • Filter Data Using Slicers
  • Analyse Data Using PivotChart

Lesson 5: Customising and Enhancing Workbooks

  • Create and Use Templates


1 Day

Microsoft Office
Delivery Method

Delivery method

Virtual learning

Recreates a classroom experience online, enabling full interactions with the learning professional leading the course.

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