About this Course

This certification course provides a complete training solution to fully prepare delegates to achieve Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Microsoft Office Excel 2010 accreditation. It concentrates on getting delegates from knowledgeable to 'exam ready' in a 2 day course. The course is aimed at delegates who already have the raw skills to take the exam, but wish to hone those skills and practice with assistance from an experienced MOS qualified instructor, prior to taking the exam.

Please note this is the Specialist level: one of two levels of exam available for Microsoft Excel 2010 (Specialist and Expert). MOS exams are also available for Word, PowerPoint, Outlook and Access 2010.

Included Are:

  • 2-days Instructor Led Training using MOS Official Courseware
  • MOS Practice Exam Voucher
  • MOS Exam Voucher
  • Free Exam Re-take (where required)

During the 2 day course you will cover the following topics to prepare you for exam 77-882: Using Microsoft Office Excel 2010. During the course, you will have the opportunity to test your knowledge and complete a full practice exam before taking the final exam at the end of day two.

Essential Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

Essential Microsoft Excel Shortcuts

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Detailed Information

Managing the Worksheet Environment

Navigate through a worksheet

  • Hot keys, name box

Print a worksheet or workbook

  • Printing only selected worksheets, printing an entire workbook, constructing headers and footers, and applying printing options (scale, print titles, page setup, print area, gridlines)

Personalise environment by using Backstage

  • Manipulate the Quick Access Toolbar, manipulate the ribbon tabs and groups, manipulate Excel default settings, import data to Excel, import data from Excel, demonstrate how to manipulate workbook properties, manipulate workbook files and folders, apply different name and file formats for different uses by using save and save as features

Creating Cell Data

Construct cell data

  • Using paste special (formats, formulas, values, preview icons, transpose rows and columns, operations, comments, validation, paste as a link), and cutting, moving, and select cell data

Apply AutoFill

  • Copy data using AutoFill, fill series using AutoFill, copy or preserve cell format with AutoFill, select from drop-down list

Apply and manipulate hyperlinks

  • Create a hyperlink in a cell, modify hyperlinks, modify hyperlinked-cell attributes, and remove a hyperlink

Formatting Cells and Worksheets

Apply and modify cell formats

  • Aligning cell content, applying a number format, wrapping text in a cell, and using Format Painter

Merge or split cells

  • Using Merge & Center, Merge Across, Merge cells, and Unmerge Cells

Create row and column titles

  • Print row and column headings, print rows to repeat with titles, print columns to repeat with titles, configure titles to print only on odd or even pages, configure titles to skip the first worksheet page

Hide and unhide rows and columns

  • Hide a column, unhide a column, hide a series of columns, hide a row, unhide a row, hide a series of rows

Manipulate Page Setup options for worksheets

  • Configure page orientation, manage page scaling, configure page margins,change header and footer size

Create and apply cell styles

  • Apply cell styles, construct new cell styles

Managing Worksheets and Workbooks

Create and format worksheets

  • Insert worksheets, delete worksheets, copy, reposition, copy and move, rename, grouping, apply colouring to worksheet tabs, hiding worksheet tabs, unhiding worksheet tabs

Manipulate window views

  • Splitting window views, arranging window views, and opening a new window with contents from the current worksheet

Manipulate workbook views

  • Using Normal, Page Layout, and Page Break workbook views, and creating custom views

Applying Formulas and Functions

Create formulas

  • Use basic operators, revise formulas

Enforce precedence

  • Order of evaluation, precedence using parentheses, precedence of operators for percent vs. exponentiation

Apply cell references in formulas

  • Relative, absolute

Apply conditional logic in a formula

  • Create a formula with values that match your conditions, edit defined conditions in a formula, use a series of conditional logic values in a formula

Apply named ranges in formulas

  • Define, edit and rename a named range

Apply cell ranges in formulas

  • Enter a cell range definition in the formula bar, define a cell range using the mouse, define a cell range using a keyboard shortcut

Presenting Data Visually

Create charts based on worksheet data

Apply and manipulate illustrations

  • Clip Art, SmartArt, shapes, screenshots

Create and modify images by using the Image Editor

  • Making corrections to an image (sharpen or soften an image, changing brightness and contrast), using picture colour tools, and changing artistic effects on an image

Apply Sparklines

  • Using Line, Column, and Win/Loss chart types, creating a Sparkline chart, customising a Sparkline, formatting a Sparkline, and showing or hiding data markers

Sharing worksheet data with other users

Share spreadsheets by using Backstage

  • Sending a worksheet via E-mail or Skydrive, changing the file type to a different version of Excel, and saving as PDF or XPS

Manage comments

  • Inserting, viewing, editing, and deleting comments

Analysing and Organising Data

Filter data

  • Define, apply, remove, search, filter lists using AutoFilter

Sort data

  • Using sort options (values, font color, cell color)

Apply conditional formatting

  • Apply conditional formatting to cells, use the Rule Manager to Apply Conditional Formats, use the IF Function and Apply Conditional Formatting, icon sets, data bars, clear rules

This course has strict prerequisites - delegates should have already attended the relevant Levels 1, 2 and 3 courses or have equivalent knowledge. This course is NOT a fast track course for learning the exam material but a course for turning knowledge in to exam readiness.

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