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Course type Specialist
Course code DPP03L2
Duration 1 Day

In this course you will use Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003 features that draw, animate, and format presentations with professional-quality content such that they may be communicated to a wide variety of live, remote, and self-service audiences.

As a Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003 user familiar with the basics, you're able to convey information clearly without much glitz. That's okay, but you can do better-audiences expect more than the basics. In this course, you will enhance presentations with features that will transform basic presentations into those with a powerful means of communication.

Target Audience:

This course is designed for delegates who desire to gain the skills necessary to work with design templates, organizational charts, special effects, Web presentations, collaboration functionality, and advanced presentation delivery, or delegates who desire to prepare for the Microsoft Office Specialist exam in Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 and who already have knowledge of the basics of Microsoft PowerPoint 2003, including slide formatting, working with tables, images, and objects, charting data, and presentation preparation.


  • Open a presentation
  • Save a presentation
  • Print a presentation
  • Add new slides
  • Run a slideshow
  • Rearrange the order of the slides
  • Apply basic text formatting

Delegates will learn how to

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Create a design template.
  • Create organization charts and diagrams.
  • Add special effects to a Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003 slide.
  • Create a Web-based Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003 presentation.
  • Use a Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003 PowerPoint 2003 presentation.
  • Use a Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003 presentation for collaborative workgroup review.
  • Use functionality that will enable you to deliver live, self-service, and online presentations.


Lesson 1: Creating a Custom Design Template:

  • Topic 1A: Define Design Template Characteristics
  • Topic 1B: Create a Custom Color Scheme
  • Topic 1C: Set Up a Slide Master
  • Topic 1D: Format Custom Bullets
  • Topic 1E: Add a Footer
  • Topic 1F: Modify the Notes Master
  • Topic 1G: Save a Custom, Design Template

Lesson 2: Adding Organization Charts and Diagrams:

  • Topic 2A: Working with Organization Charts
  • Topic 2B: Update an Organization Chart
  • Topic 2C: Applying a Chart Layout
  • Topic 2D: Create a Diagram
  • Topic 2E: Draw a Flowchart

Lesson 3: Adding Special Effects:

  • Topic 3A: Add Sound and Movies
  • Topic 3B: Add Animation
  • Topic 3C: Emphasize Objects
  • Topic 3D: Set a Motion Path
  • Topic 3E: Set the Order of Effects

Lesson 4: Creating Web Presentations:

  • Topic 4A: Create a Group Home Page with the AutoContent Wizard
  • Topic 4B: Hyperlink to a Web Page
  • Topic 4C: Publish as a Web Page

Lesson 5: Collaborating in PowerPoint:

  • Topic 5A: Set Password Protection
  • Topic 5B: Work with Comments
  • Topic 5C: Send a Presentation for Review
  • Topic 5D: Merge Revision Copies
  • Topic 5E: Apply Reviewer Changes

Lesson 6: Delivering a Presentation:

  • Topic 6A: Hyperlink Within PowerPoint
  • Topic 6B: Add an Action Button
  • Topic 6C: Set Up a Custom Show
  • Topic 6D: Annotate a Presentation
  • Topic 6E: Working with Narrations and Slide Timings
  • Topic 6F: Set Up a Slide Show to Repeat Automatically
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1 Day

Microsoft Office
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