About this Course

Duration 2 Days

This two-day intensive course introduces you to the core functionality of PostGIS, QGIS, GeoServer and OpenLayers, taking you through all the tools you will need to load, spatially analyse, publish and share geospatial data. This course is designed specifically by Open Source GIS software specialists to demonstrate how to setup and successfully utilise Open Source GIS, spatial databases and web mapping services in an integrated environment.

The course is delivered using instructor-led real world examples where you learn by 'doing'.

The course covers topics including, installation and configuration of all software, loading vector data into a spatial database, connecting to a spatial database and then undertaking GIS analysis, manipulating spatial data, publishing and connecting to WMS and WFS services and utilising OpenLayers to explore web mapping capabilities.


Who Should Attend?

  • Those who wish to learn more about using OpenSource software to load, transform and publish GIS data for web mapping.

Delegates will learn how to

  • Benefits of your course
  • Experienced Open Source GIS trainer
  • Hands-on training exercises
  • One PC per delegate
  • All course software and comprehensive training materials provided
  • Lunch and refreshments
  • Certificate on course completion
  • 30 days post training support
  • Outline

    Day One:

    • Introduction to Open Source GIS
    • Open Source Software
    • Open Standards
    • Open Data
    • Getting Started and Loading Datasets
    • Installing and Configuring the Software
    • Loading Data into PostGIS
    • Spatial Indexing and Table Maintenance in PostGIS
    • Attribute and Spatial Queries in PostGIS
    • Data Access and Publishing Data
    • Accessing PostGIS Data in QGIS
    • Updating PostGIS Data using QGIS
    • Accessing PostGIS Data in GeoServer
    • GeoServer Loading Data
    • Workspaces
    • Data Stores (Shapefile, Folder, PostGIS and Raster)
    • Layers
    • Layer Groups

    Day Two:

    • GeoServer Styling Layers
    • Styling Points, Lines, Polygons
    • Rule Based Styling
    • Zoom Based Styling
    • Styling with Labels
    • Styling Raster Layers
    • QGIS
    • General Mapping Tips in QGIS
    • Selecting and Querying data in QGIS
    • Symbolising Data in QGIS
    • Data Editing and Data Creation in QGIS
    • Accessing WMS and WFS Data Services from GeoServer
    • OpenLayers
    • Displaying Map Data from GeoServer
    • Applying Attribute Filters
    • Applying Spatial Filters
    • OpenSource GIS Integration
    • Practical session applying all the techniques learnt to load, access, analyse, edit and then publish spatial data in an integrated environment

    2 Days


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    Delivery Method

    Delivery method


    Face-to-face learning in the comfort of our quality nationwide centres, with free refreshments and Wi-Fi.

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