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Tech Type Specialist
Duration 1 Day

In this course you will use Adobe Acrobat Χ Pro to convert documents to PDF files, enhance and customise PDF documents for interactive use online, and prepare them for printing.

Target Audience:

This course is designed for office professionals who want to employ the advanced productivity and creative features of Acrobat X Pro.


  • Attendance of Adobe Acrobat X Pro Level 1 course: ADACXPROL1 (or equivalent knowledge).

Delegates will learn how to

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Create PDF files from technical documents.
  • Enhance the utility and accessibility of PDF documents.
  • Create interactive PDF forms using Adobe LiveCycle Designer.
  • Make a PDF document ready for commercial printing.
  • Finalise PDF files for commercial printing.


Lesson 1: Creating PDFs from Technical Documents

  • Topic 1A: Create PDF Documents Using Autodesk AutoCAD
  • Topic 1B: Measure Technical Drawings

Lesson 2: Enhancing PDF Documents

  • Topic 2A: Embed Multimedia
  • Topic 2B: Enhance PDF Document Accessibility

Lesson 3: Creating Interactive PDF Forms in Adobe LiveCycle Designer

  • Topic 3A: Create a PDF Form
  • Topic 3B: Add Form Fields
  • Topic 3C: Create Calculations
  • Topic 3D: Submit a Form
  • Topic 3E: Track Forms
  • Topic 3F: Compile Returned Forms
  • Topic 3G: Organise Compiled Data

Lesson 4: Preparing PDF Files for Commercial Printing

  • Topic 4A: Examine the Commercial Printing Process
  • Topic 4B: Create PDF Files for Prepress
  • Topic 4C: Apply Colour Management Settings
  • Topic 4D: Modify Adobe PDF Settings for Prepress
  • Topic 4E: Preview Printed Effects

Lesson 5: Finalising PDF Files for Commercial Printing

  • Topic 5A: Preflight Documents
  • Topic 5B: Create PDF/X, PDF/A, and PDF/E Compliant Files
  • Topic 5C: Create a Composite
  • Topic 5D: Create Colour Separations

Appendix A: Adding Enhancements to a PDF Document

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Specialist Course

1 Day

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