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Duration 2 Days

This 2-day classroom course provides a best-practice training skills foundation for those new to a training role who are or will be required to design learning intervention.

Due to their unique range and scope, TAP Qualifications provide individuals and organisations with a means to develop a career pathway based on achieving Certification of Learning and Development skills.

Prerequisites and audience

This course is suitable for subject matter experts who are required to design and/or develop training courses

Course objectives and assessment

Delegates plan the design of their own learning event, to meet the criteria of the Training Design Profile, using the templates to guide them

Leading to the TAP Foundation Award in Training Design

Competencies delegates will develop

1. Clarifying a sponsor’s request

  • Conducting an interview to clarify the sponsor’s request
  • Establishing accurate information about the current and required performance
  • Separating the performance gaps that can be addressed by training from those that require other strategies
  • Analysing the target group to ensure the solution is relevant

2. Determining the content

  • Determining content by breaking down a goal into tasks and subtasks
  • Breaking down a task or sub-task into detailed learning points
  • Grouping the identified tasks into sessions and structuring logically
  • Identifying any learner pre-requisites for the intervention
  • Estimating timings
  • Analysing the relevance and competence of skills by job roles/individuals

3. Designing practice, progress monitoring and assessment mechanisms

  • Writing learning objectives to include a behaviour, standard and condition
  • Designing activities that enable learners to practise their new skills and knowledge
  • Designing activities for monitoring learners’ progress including optimal performance with marking schemes if required
  • Designing assessments to confirm that the learning objectives have been met

4. Understanding the influences and considerations that affect adult learning

  • Understanding the importance of meeting a variety of learner preferences
  • Designing training materials and activities that recognise different learning styles and sensory preferences
  • Designing multi-dimensional activities to facilitate whole-brain learning

5. Using methods and media

  • Selecting appropriate learning methods to effectively transfer knowledge and/or skills
  • Selecting appropriate media and technologies to efficiently transfer knowledge and/or skills

6. Developing materials to support training delivery

  • Designing materials to support training delivery and ensure consistency to TAP standards
  • Developing a training plan that meets the needs of the organisation
  • Ensuring the training plan is efficient, flexible, accurate, relevant and effective
  • Designing a session that is structured to best practice

7. Reviewing resources and developing materials to support learners

  • Reviewing a variety of sources to ensure the design meets the specified requirement
  • Understanding the importance of copyright and intellectual property rights and avoiding plagiarism
  • Selecting support materials appropriate to the needs of the organisation, target group and budget
  • Selecting online or paper-based distribution methods as appropriate
  • Ensuring support materials that are relevant, effective and efficient

8. Understanding the importance of quality assurance

  • Using style guides, templates and branding to ensure consistency
  • Quality-auditing materials for formatting and writing style
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2 Days

Delivery Method

Delivery method


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